How far along? 29 Weeks
Maternity clothes? Yes, and trying to squeeze in as many regular tops as possible.
Stretch marks? Still in the safe zone!
Sleep: Still battling the sleep front. Crazy dreams and intense hip pain has prevented me from much sleep.
Best moment this week: Beginning the one week countdown to the first baby shower.

Miss Anything? Beer and alcohol and SUSHI!! I told the fiance he needs to bring me a 6 pack and some sushi for after I deliver, lol. If only...Movement: Yup! She's practicing her gymnastic routines and swimming away in honor of the Olympics this week.
Food cravings: Still sweets...will that ever end?! I blame her father for those cravings since he has the biggest sweet tooth on earth!
Anything making you queasy or sick: Smells...people's smells, what they are eating, their cologn, etc. Just funky, or not so funky, smells. Weird.
Gender: Girl

Labor Signs: In the clear :)
Symptoms: Thanks to this wonderful heat...still rocking the cankles every few days. Oh and non-stop low-back pain.
Belly Button in or out? Normal as can be, and by normal I mean in!
Wedding rings on or off? Still rocking the engagement ring :D

Happy or Moody most of the time: Been a little on the grumpy bear side this week. Not really sure why but today was better.
Looking forward to: The crib should be here any day now! Finally starting the nursery! I just ordered a super adorable print that is being custom made to match the colors of the nursery. Can't wait to see it! I also have a very busy weekend filled with a Jamberry Nails Party, a photoshoot for a new salon (so excited) and house hunting!! Yay!! Lots to look forward to!


28 Weeks and I FINALLY decided to create a pregnancy journey blog...better late than never right?! I wanted to remember my pregnancy for myself and something for our little girl to look back on later in life...and also a place our family and friends to come see our journey. I saw this on another blog and loved the idea so I'm making it my own :)

How far along? 28 Weeks
Maternity clothes? oh yea and could use some more!
Stretch marks? none yet! Whew!
Sleep: What's that?! OK, so maybe it's not that bad but I do have a hard time sleeping and rolling over (LOL). I feel like a beached whale some nights! hahaha
Best moment this week: Loving all the crazy kicks and moving around. I am going to REALLY miss this part of pregnancy.

Miss Anything? so many things...mostly sleeping on my stomach and doing everything on my own.
Movement: oh yes she is active as ever! Yesterday she was doing this weird move where she was kicking in the same spot repeatedly. I think she'll either be a musician or a swimmer like her daddy!
Food cravings: sweets (surprise!)...although I'm trying to stay away from them as much as possible and trying to get my sweet craving fix through sugar free jello, fruit and healthy popsicles. I could really go for some Chipotle though!
Anything making you queasy or sick: bananas
Gender: Girl

Labor Signs: None whatsoever so far.
Symptoms: lots of pain in my bikini area, thank you round ligament pain. Working out seems to aggrivate it even more
:( This brutal heat is not helping the cankle situation either! They were really bad for two days but I was FINALLY able to get them to subside...thank goodness! I think the fiance was getting worried they'd be like that forever, haha.
Belly Button in or out? inny :)
Wedding rings on or off? on...the swelling hasn't made it that far...yet

Happy or Moody most of the time: Happy & EXCITED to say the least!
Looking forward to: Baby Shower Season is upon us in 2 weeks, YAY!!!! I cannot wait! I think it'll really start putting some (more) reality that our baby girl will be joining us in a 11 more weeks. I'm excited to see all the adorable baby stuff, my friends and family. Eeeeeee! I wish they were already here!
26 Weeks! Baby girl will be here in 3 MONTHS!! I can hardly believe it!
25 Weeks! I am really starting to pop now...maybe because baby girl is 13-1/2" long! Holy cow!! We also had some very exciting news when the love of my life proposed to me....YAY!!!!
24 Weeks. We're at the 6 month mark and I can hardly believe it!! Where has the time gone?!

22 Weeks! It had been a big few weeks, we finally knew what 'it' was (a girl!) and I could finally feel little kicks and flips! Probably one of my favorite parts of pregnancy!

We had a big "Gender Reveal Party" with all our family. They were really surprised to find out they were at our house not to see our newly laid sod (which was impressive in itself) but to find out the gender. We made everyone eat and wait a painfully long time before we revealed the gender by cutting the cake. It was so exciting to see everyone's face as we told them it's a SHE!!! I also had everyone cast their vote on my chalkboard and the 'boys' were the favorite so there were a lot of shocked folks. Mothers instinct told me she was a girl all along :)

We had our ultrasound a few days prior to the party and unfortunately the baby wasn't too cooperative with the tech and had her back mostly to us, but she could see enough of the goods to reveal it was a girl. This week was a little bittersweet because while we were excited to find out the gender, we also found out my amniotic fluids were low. This meant I had to start drinking my weight in water and go back for another ultrasound. Luckily the following week, we found out my fluids were up by a significant amount and all was well with baby girl. Water, water, water is all that was on my mind from this point forward (and continues to be)...whatever it takes for our sweet girl.
20 Weeks! We finally were able to find out it little baby is a he or a she??? I had my guess...
19 Weeks! Baby is the size of a manog and is 6" long. I can't believe how quick little baby is growing!
18 Weeks! We were in Colorado this weekend celebrating my little cousins graduation from high school. At this point I was feeling good and starting to show a little more in my regular clothes.
17 Weeks and still rocking the heels at this point!
16 Weeks. Finally got a picture with our little Jack included. I felt huge at this point but I had no idea what was to come!

14 Weeks!

This was the first time we went public with all our friends and family and it was so exciting! At this point we had only told our immediate family and closest of friends. It was so amazing being able to share our great news and even better that I didn't have to keep a secret anymore (I'm really bad at keeping secrets)!!