We had a big "Gender Reveal Party" with all our family. They were really surprised to find out they were at our house not to see our newly laid sod (which was impressive in itself) but to find out the gender. We made everyone eat and wait a painfully long time before we revealed the gender by cutting the cake. It was so exciting to see everyone's face as we told them it's a SHE!!! I also had everyone cast their vote on my chalkboard and the 'boys' were the favorite so there were a lot of shocked folks. Mothers instinct told me she was a girl all along :)

We had our ultrasound a few days prior to the party and unfortunately the baby wasn't too cooperative with the tech and had her back mostly to us, but she could see enough of the goods to reveal it was a girl. This week was a little bittersweet because while we were excited to find out the gender, we also found out my amniotic fluids were low. This meant I had to start drinking my weight in water and go back for another ultrasound. Luckily the following week, we found out my fluids were up by a significant amount and all was well with baby girl. Water, water, water is all that was on my mind from this point forward (and continues to be)...whatever it takes for our sweet girl.

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