2 Weeks New

Autumn Jane is two weeks old! Oh-em-geeeee!!! I'm a little late on this post since today she's actually three weeks old, that post to come later today...

This week was exciting because Ms. Autumn finally made it back to her birth weight, yay!!! Our constant routine of nursing, bottle, pumping, dirty diapers, sleep repeat is paying off! That routine pretty much sums up our everyday too. The days fly by!! We've had lots of company and visits to see grandparents still because everyone just can't get enough of her sweetness :D some pics from this week...visit from Grandpa Larry, tostadas with Auntie Allison, first ride in the K Tan Carrier (she loves it!), discovered her little elephant and took lots of naps!

Getting excited for her first Halloween in a few days!!! Looking forward to carving a pumpkin, a mini fall photoshoot, her costume and 'trick or treating' at family's houses!! Woot woot!!

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