Newborn Photoshoot

I'm still catching up on posts but I wanted to write about our newborn photoshoot that took place on Sunday. I found Summer of La Bela Photography after much research into photogs and I think it was fate. Plus she has a season name like Autumn! She was totally amazing with Autumn and her little miss diva attitude. I knew we were gonna have a rough day when I got projectile vomited on minutes before Summer arrived!

I have new respect for newborn photogs...it takes a special kind of patience to work with little ones. Autumn managed to poop on a white backdrop, pee all over my shoes, peed on another backdrop and gave us a run for our money for 3 hours then slept like a peaceful angel after we were done. Kids! LOL. Oh and We were sweltering in an 80 degree house too! But it was all worth it because the pictures came out AMAZING!! Here are some I took during the shoot and some of the pro ones are on La Bela Photography's Facebook page. Now to pick the ones we want...ALL of them!

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