Our Birth Story

It was Friday October 5th and it was a very typical day. We had just found out baby girl would come into this world via csection on October 15th, 10 days away, and we had no reason to believe otherwise. I hadn't been having many labor symptoms at all. I was 2cm dilated but 0% effaced so nothing to worry about. We had our usual Friday dinner of pizza and cookies (so healthy I know!), we were watching Jersey Shore and I had just finished updating the chalkboard for '38 Weeks'. All in all a very unassuming day and night. I'm usually pretty intuitive or even 'feel' when a change is coming but not this time. I cleaned up my desk at work but not too much. I did do my time sheet which was abnormal. One of my coworkers said goodbye and good luck in case I had the baby this weekend. I thought it was odd and kinda laughed it off, boy was he right!!!

I went to bed at 11 which was late for me and got up at 1:30 for one of many normal nightly bathroom breaks. I got back in bed and as soon as I laid down I felt a gush. Knowing it had to be something other than me peeing the bed I got up and waddled as fast as I could to the bathroom. It was then I realized what happened...holy shit my water just broke!!!! I waddled back to our room and woke up Ernest and told him my water just broke. He didn't go into the panic I was expecting and just said ok and put his head back down. Yes, really! Lol. I said I was gonna call the doctor and when I did they told me to come in right away since last we checked she was still Mbreech. I woke up Ernest with the news and he nonchalantly got dressed. I grabbed my partially packed hospital bag, what minimal clothes I had washed for the baby and our birth plan (I was still hopeful!). I didn't feel a huge urgency or panic so I just moved along calmly, like Karen our birth teacher said, and gathered what I could. The night before my mom and I had gone to Target for a nightgown, robe and some lady things...thank goodness...so I shoved all that in my bag too. A half hour later we were out the door. I called my parents and let them know. We got to the hospital and Ernest and I parked the car and calmly walked in. As we were we saw an expecting couple younger than us walking back to the car with a look on the girls face like 'I hope you have better luck!'. We finally made our way to triage where they do the usual gamut of tests and did an exam to see if the baby was breech followed up by an ultrasound to confirm. And yup, she was still breech which meant my biggest fear...cesarean section!

At this point the doula, Ann, and my parents showed up. The staff began prepping me for surgery and handed Ernest a bunny suit and shoe boot covers (his feet were too big for regular shoe covers, lol). Before I knew it we were walking back to the OR. On our way i had the one and only contraction I would feel. The doula had set up the room with soothing music and peppermint oils which really helped calm me. The spinal didn't hurt that bad but they had a hard time getting me numb. Ernest came in and they started their work on me. This was 100% worse than I thought it would be...super painful and it felt like my insides were being pulled out. After quite a struggle and lots of pressure we heard a cry and everything else slipped away cuz we knew she was finally here. We could hear her sweet cries and Ernest and I were both overcome with emotion. They asked him if he wanted to see her and he swiftly went to be by her side. The doula came to hold my hand while Ernest got to cut the umbilical cord. Next thing I knew they placed her on my chest. Words can't even explain how I felt at this moment. She was so adorable and her big eyes were trying to meet mine. She had so much beautiful brown hair and was such a big baby. Absolutely stunning! It was love at first sight!!

We had a beautiful baby girl born at 4:28am Saturday morning October 6, 2012 weighing in at 8lbs 10oz and 21 inches long, dark brown hair and light grey eyes.

Ernest was able to take her to the recovery room while the doula stayed with me and they stitched me up. Literally, I looked like Frankenstein! Once in the recovery room we continued skin on skin and the doula helped me nurse. Amazingly the baby took right away and got a good feeding.

Once we left recovery we had a TON of visitors to wish Ms. Autumn a happy birth day.

Our birth story is far from what I imagined...a natural, non-drugged birth. But I learned you cannot plan anything especially a birth. Autumn knew how and when she needed to be born and no matter the amount of planning, things took shape the way they needed to. I realized later I DID get what I wanted...a healthy, safe birth and a happy healthy baby. There is nothing better than that! So blessed :)

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