Starting off the Season like a Griswold

We started the weekend off right by pulling out the Christmas tree and decorations early Saturday morning. That's where the steam let out because Autumn had other plans for us Saturday. She wanted to scream, be held and not take her naps. Guess two days of holiday celebrations, being held 24/7 and not being on her regular schedule finally took its toll. Anyhow, so while Ernest and Autumn slept, mommy put the tree up and began to dress it in bright ornaments. My steam quickly ran out too, from an evening of sale shopping for Autumn. I was finally able to finish it up today and got some cute pics with Autumn. Still have a lot more halls to deck but let the Christmas season begin! Today while my two babes had daddy-daughter time, I FINALLY got to see Breaking Dawn (loved!) and got Autumn her first Christmas Present!! some stuffed animal puppets since she loves talking to them so much. P๐Ÿ˜€ This week I want to finish my glitter tree, update the chalkboards, begin my wreath, put up more twinkle lights, have a baby fashion show with all the fabu outfits me and G.parents M got her AND watch some more Christmas movies all while savoring my last week off before I go back to work! BOO!!!! ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ’ฆ๐ŸŒฒ๐Ÿ‘Š


More Turkey and Big Girl Britches

We had a lovely day visiting Autumns Great Grandparents M. Aunt Carol, Uncle Rafael and Alan oh and Thunder today in Santa Fe. We had the third Thanksgiving in a week! How lucky are we?! Before Autumn was born I HATED traditional Thanksgiving garb...turkey, mashed potatoes, cranberries G-R-O-S-S with a capital G!!! BUT this year I cannot get enough of the stuff! Thank Autumn for resurrecting my Thanksgiving spirit and appetite! My waste line will not be so thankful though :/

Anyhoo, we had fun today sleeping in with Daddy since he had a late start, having extra cuddle and play time in bed, singing Christmas carols on the way to Santa Fe, laughing with family then filling my stomach til I was about to burst. OH, and in very exciting news Autumn was FINALLY able to fit into her big girl cloth diaper britches!!! We're testing one out now so unless Im covered in pee we might be able to say adios to disposables. Fingers crossed! Now watching Love Actually, my fav, while we wait for Dad. What a lovely day!!


Turkey Day and the fixin's

Autumn's first Thanksgiving was a success! We spent it with her daddy's side of the family in Los Lunas and Belen since my fam was in Zozo. She feasted on turkey and the fixin's! Well at least thru me, haha. We went around to a few family's and friends houses to show off our little turkey and of course, she was a huge hit! Especially all decked out in her turkey day gear which included a tutu, what could be better?!

Thinking of thanks today I am overcome with the many blessings we have had this year...found out we were pregnant, changed jobs to a place I love working at, went to Hawaii to celebrate a friends wedding, got engaged and best of all brought in a healthy, beautiful baby girl into this world. This year has been one full of HUGE changes and every single one of them has been for the better! I couldn't have ever dreamed up this life or imagined myself being so happy. I am so thankful for my fiancรฉ and best friend Ernest. Everyday I love him more. I'm thankful for hearing the best sounds of him playing with his little girl, singing her silly songs and waking her up with kisses! And Autumn, well she is just a doll! She lights up my world! I couldn't fathom loving something so tiny sosososososo much, she is the best!!!

AND if things couldn't get any better we have our families. I never paid much attention to the saying 'it takes a village to raise a baby' but now I understand. We could not raise this little girl without our families. I am humbled everyday by their unwavering, unconditional, enormous amounts of pure love for Autumn and for us. Through the grumpiest of days (oh and I have some doosies!), sleepless nights and happiest days they are there for us 110%. I am forever grateful and thankful for the love that surrounds us and the family that Autumn can call hers. Words will never even describe how thankful I am for them and how much I love our families!!! Ok, enough of the sap...HAPPY FIRST THANKSGIVING my sweet sweet girl!! Blessed.


5 weeks+

Oops...I'm a week behind again but wanted to get 5 weeks in. We just finished a pre Thanksgiving at GG's and Tater(Tots) house and now Autumn is eating her version of turkey and the fixings. This week was busy between dealing with a semi-colicky baby, an excursion with Grandma Jonette and a trip to see where Mom works. Autumn has been very ahem, 'airy' lately which means she screams a lot! She's had a few rough nights but seems to be doing a bit better. She does however have a new favorite resting spot, anyone's arms who will hold her! Oi! I hope this is just a phase! We try the ole let her cry it out, doesn't work! She'll scream for an hour straight if we let her. The second she's picked up miraculously she's fine. I think she just loves to cuddle :) We went shopping Wednesday and Autumn threw a fit in Home Goods where I got lots of 'poor girl doesn't know what she's doing with that baby' looks! Lol. We had a VERY dirty diaper in the car and discovered a rash on her cheeks. We made a pit stop at Dr. Lords and everything was fine. We tried to keep shopping but Autumn just wasn't having it! Thursday we had another lovely walk with G Auntie Carol, Alan and Jack in the bosque. Friday Grandpa Larry watched Autumn while I went to the doctors for my six week follow up (was cleared of all my restrictions, woohoo!), had our newborn pictures delivered, and then I ventured out for my first solo loading/unloading trip with Autumn and we went to visit my work. Everyone oo'd and ahh'd over her and all that hair! We were exhausted by the end of the day!! Had a nice dinner with Dad and ended a very busy week. Looking forward to Miss Autumns first Thanksgiving!!


Nap Time Sanity

It goes without saying that I am absolutely in love with my little girl and spending every moment with her...BUT nap time has been a God send. I never knew I could get so much done in a 3 hour period of time. And so grateful that Autumn takes long naps. She has been pretty colicky and wants 24/7 cuddle time which means Mom gets zero time to do anything else. That is, until I discovered naps. While my little angel has been busy snoozing away, I have been able to make Crock Pot dinners, bake pumpkin bread and partake in my FAVORITE part of this time of the year...Christmas Crafts, wootwoot!!! After Halloween, the grandma inside me comes out in all her glory and pulls out the knitting needles, crochet hook and hot glue gun. Watch out! I have successfully started a gazillion projects in my excitement and have yet to finish one...yet. I love Pinterest so of course I found some awesome Christmas crafts on there, my first being glittered canvas. My favorite things in life are Autumn and Glitter! Ernest and Jack come in a second third and fourth. So when I saw a craft with large amount of glitter I just about peed myself! I had some canvas around from another unfinished craft and finally found a good use for them. I found a reindeer silhouette, a snowflake and made a saying that I then transfered to the canvas and glittered bombed them. I've yet to finish the one with words because that'll take a little extra time. I may have to lock myself in the closet take some time to finish it once Ernest gets home. Last year I made myself and my mom a Christmas tree out of glittered (duh!) balls so I decided to make another one this year. I just started it and have a loooong way to go. I'm hoping someone at her work will want to buy it that way I can buy more stuff to craft up. Obsessed much, yes I am! My mom and I were at Michaels this weekend and saw cute stuff to make little girl headbands so I just had to try my hand at it. They're pretty cute and was really easy! More to come on those. I'm also crocheting a scarf for my mom's friend and that HAS to be done by next week. Which means I should probably stop rambling and get back to my yarn and hook! Stay tuned for more Christmas crafts and and updated Autumn chalkboard pic!


A Whole Month Old!

Holy crap! I cannot believe Autumn is one month old, err, new today! Where did the time go by?! Oh that's rights...midnight, 2am, 5am sometimes 5:30am feedings, poopy diapers, feeding after feeding after feeding oh and lots of crying, very few tears! But I wouldn't change any of that for the world because the sweet little faces, cuddle time, watching her grow and change everyday and just the unconditional love we have for her is priceless and SO worth it!! She's the best thing ever!

For only being one month little Miss Autumn has quite the personality! She loves to be held (mommas to blame for that one!), loves to be rocked and sang too. We make up the silliest little songs to sing to her since neither Ernest and I are very good at nursery rhymes and Lil Wayne songs don't quite seem appropriate. She loves country dancing with her dad, talking with her little elephant and giraffe, and smiling at mom and dad. Despite all her sweetness she has another side...she is a little rebel, busts out of her swaddle at night, gives us the dead leg when trying to be dressed, poops or pees right after we've changed her then smiles, screams like a horror flick if she's cold, wet or taking a bath, and best of all farts like a frat boy!!! For one little girl she sure does have a lot of personality! The best is when she pretends to be asleep when there is family around and we'll see a little peep of her eye and then closes them quick again. She likes to play bashful! When she gets so hungry she's like a ravenous animal that even Jack gets scared. She breathes like a little bulldog and has full body sneezes where her arms and legs flail completely out. Autumn has several different types of cries...the cute little girl scream, a more legit cry usually if she's wet, one that sounds like Dracula "BWAHAHA", and then the one that takes the cake- an all out scream that sends Jack running, turns her bright red and leaves mom and dad wondering what is wrong with this kid?! LOL. Is it bad we laugh when she cries?! Especially at her Dracula cry! BWAHAHA!!!

Well this was supposed to be a short post but I just couldn't stop! There are so many little things I just absolutely love about this girl I could go on forever and she's only a month old! It's just going to get more and more fun! So excited to be Autumns mom. I love my baby girl to the moon! Happy one month birthday love!


3 Weeks of Autumn + Halloween

Well we're nearing the 3-1/2 week mark and I'm barely getting around to posting. We had so much fun this week with Autumns first Halloween! We tried a mini-photoshoot with some pumpkins, wore a few Halloween outfits and trick-or-treated at the Grandparents as a dragon. Super cute! She was not as excited as we were for the dragon costume, unfortunately. BUT next year is going to be the bomb.com because she'll be ONE and we'll have her totally decked out and hopefully trick-or-treating!! This week I wanted to talk about some of her likes and dislikes as a 3 week old but I'll save it for the big 4 week mark in a few days! So for now, enjoy some Halloween fun! OH and we can officially begin the holiday season which means I'm starting some Christmas crafts for the season, wootwoot!

Geared up for the Niners Game...and they won! Because we were all in full on uniform! ha!

Sleeping beauty. THE only way I can get her to wear headbands without screaming

My little pumpkin!

Can you tell how much she loves her costume?!