3 Weeks of Autumn + Halloween

Well we're nearing the 3-1/2 week mark and I'm barely getting around to posting. We had so much fun this week with Autumns first Halloween! We tried a mini-photoshoot with some pumpkins, wore a few Halloween outfits and trick-or-treated at the Grandparents as a dragon. Super cute! She was not as excited as we were for the dragon costume, unfortunately. BUT next year is going to be the bomb.com because she'll be ONE and we'll have her totally decked out and hopefully trick-or-treating!! This week I wanted to talk about some of her likes and dislikes as a 3 week old but I'll save it for the big 4 week mark in a few days! So for now, enjoy some Halloween fun! OH and we can officially begin the holiday season which means I'm starting some Christmas crafts for the season, wootwoot!

Geared up for the Niners Game...and they won! Because we were all in full on uniform! ha!

Sleeping beauty. THE only way I can get her to wear headbands without screaming

My little pumpkin!

Can you tell how much she loves her costume?!

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