5 weeks+

Oops...I'm a week behind again but wanted to get 5 weeks in. We just finished a pre Thanksgiving at GG's and Tater(Tots) house and now Autumn is eating her version of turkey and the fixings. This week was busy between dealing with a semi-colicky baby, an excursion with Grandma Jonette and a trip to see where Mom works. Autumn has been very ahem, 'airy' lately which means she screams a lot! She's had a few rough nights but seems to be doing a bit better. She does however have a new favorite resting spot, anyone's arms who will hold her! Oi! I hope this is just a phase! We try the ole let her cry it out, doesn't work! She'll scream for an hour straight if we let her. The second she's picked up miraculously she's fine. I think she just loves to cuddle :) We went shopping Wednesday and Autumn threw a fit in Home Goods where I got lots of 'poor girl doesn't know what she's doing with that baby' looks! Lol. We had a VERY dirty diaper in the car and discovered a rash on her cheeks. We made a pit stop at Dr. Lords and everything was fine. We tried to keep shopping but Autumn just wasn't having it! Thursday we had another lovely walk with G Auntie Carol, Alan and Jack in the bosque. Friday Grandpa Larry watched Autumn while I went to the doctors for my six week follow up (was cleared of all my restrictions, woohoo!), had our newborn pictures delivered, and then I ventured out for my first solo loading/unloading trip with Autumn and we went to visit my work. Everyone oo'd and ahh'd over her and all that hair! We were exhausted by the end of the day!! Had a nice dinner with Dad and ended a very busy week. Looking forward to Miss Autumns first Thanksgiving!!

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