A Whole Month Old!

Holy crap! I cannot believe Autumn is one month old, err, new today! Where did the time go by?! Oh that's rights...midnight, 2am, 5am sometimes 5:30am feedings, poopy diapers, feeding after feeding after feeding oh and lots of crying, very few tears! But I wouldn't change any of that for the world because the sweet little faces, cuddle time, watching her grow and change everyday and just the unconditional love we have for her is priceless and SO worth it!! She's the best thing ever!

For only being one month little Miss Autumn has quite the personality! She loves to be held (mommas to blame for that one!), loves to be rocked and sang too. We make up the silliest little songs to sing to her since neither Ernest and I are very good at nursery rhymes and Lil Wayne songs don't quite seem appropriate. She loves country dancing with her dad, talking with her little elephant and giraffe, and smiling at mom and dad. Despite all her sweetness she has another side...she is a little rebel, busts out of her swaddle at night, gives us the dead leg when trying to be dressed, poops or pees right after we've changed her then smiles, screams like a horror flick if she's cold, wet or taking a bath, and best of all farts like a frat boy!!! For one little girl she sure does have a lot of personality! The best is when she pretends to be asleep when there is family around and we'll see a little peep of her eye and then closes them quick again. She likes to play bashful! When she gets so hungry she's like a ravenous animal that even Jack gets scared. She breathes like a little bulldog and has full body sneezes where her arms and legs flail completely out. Autumn has several different types of cries...the cute little girl scream, a more legit cry usually if she's wet, one that sounds like Dracula "BWAHAHA", and then the one that takes the cake- an all out scream that sends Jack running, turns her bright red and leaves mom and dad wondering what is wrong with this kid?! LOL. Is it bad we laugh when she cries?! Especially at her Dracula cry! BWAHAHA!!!

Well this was supposed to be a short post but I just couldn't stop! There are so many little things I just absolutely love about this girl I could go on forever and she's only a month old! It's just going to get more and more fun! So excited to be Autumns mom. I love my baby girl to the moon! Happy one month birthday love!

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