Nap Time Sanity

It goes without saying that I am absolutely in love with my little girl and spending every moment with her...BUT nap time has been a God send. I never knew I could get so much done in a 3 hour period of time. And so grateful that Autumn takes long naps. She has been pretty colicky and wants 24/7 cuddle time which means Mom gets zero time to do anything else. That is, until I discovered naps. While my little angel has been busy snoozing away, I have been able to make Crock Pot dinners, bake pumpkin bread and partake in my FAVORITE part of this time of the year...Christmas Crafts, wootwoot!!! After Halloween, the grandma inside me comes out in all her glory and pulls out the knitting needles, crochet hook and hot glue gun. Watch out! I have successfully started a gazillion projects in my excitement and have yet to finish one...yet. I love Pinterest so of course I found some awesome Christmas crafts on there, my first being glittered canvas. My favorite things in life are Autumn and Glitter! Ernest and Jack come in a second third and fourth. So when I saw a craft with large amount of glitter I just about peed myself! I had some canvas around from another unfinished craft and finally found a good use for them. I found a reindeer silhouette, a snowflake and made a saying that I then transfered to the canvas and glittered bombed them. I've yet to finish the one with words because that'll take a little extra time. I may have to lock myself in the closet take some time to finish it once Ernest gets home. Last year I made myself and my mom a Christmas tree out of glittered (duh!) balls so I decided to make another one this year. I just started it and have a loooong way to go. I'm hoping someone at her work will want to buy it that way I can buy more stuff to craft up. Obsessed much, yes I am! My mom and I were at Michaels this weekend and saw cute stuff to make little girl headbands so I just had to try my hand at it. They're pretty cute and was really easy! More to come on those. I'm also crocheting a scarf for my mom's friend and that HAS to be done by next week. Which means I should probably stop rambling and get back to my yarn and hook! Stay tuned for more Christmas crafts and and updated Autumn chalkboard pic!

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