Starting off the Season like a Griswold

We started the weekend off right by pulling out the Christmas tree and decorations early Saturday morning. That's where the steam let out because Autumn had other plans for us Saturday. She wanted to scream, be held and not take her naps. Guess two days of holiday celebrations, being held 24/7 and not being on her regular schedule finally took its toll. Anyhow, so while Ernest and Autumn slept, mommy put the tree up and began to dress it in bright ornaments. My steam quickly ran out too, from an evening of sale shopping for Autumn. I was finally able to finish it up today and got some cute pics with Autumn. Still have a lot more halls to deck but let the Christmas season begin! Today while my two babes had daddy-daughter time, I FINALLY got to see Breaking Dawn (loved!) and got Autumn her first Christmas Present!! some stuffed animal puppets since she loves talking to them so much. PšŸ˜€ This week I want to finish my glitter tree, update the chalkboards, begin my wreath, put up more twinkle lights, have a baby fashion show with all the fabu outfits me and G.parents M got her AND watch some more Christmas movies all while savoring my last week off before I go back to work! BOO!!!! šŸ˜­šŸ’¦šŸŒ²šŸ‘Š

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