Turkey Day and the fixin's

Autumn's first Thanksgiving was a success! We spent it with her daddy's side of the family in Los Lunas and Belen since my fam was in Zozo. She feasted on turkey and the fixin's! Well at least thru me, haha. We went around to a few family's and friends houses to show off our little turkey and of course, she was a huge hit! Especially all decked out in her turkey day gear which included a tutu, what could be better?!

Thinking of thanks today I am overcome with the many blessings we have had this year...found out we were pregnant, changed jobs to a place I love working at, went to Hawaii to celebrate a friends wedding, got engaged and best of all brought in a healthy, beautiful baby girl into this world. This year has been one full of HUGE changes and every single one of them has been for the better! I couldn't have ever dreamed up this life or imagined myself being so happy. I am so thankful for my fiancé and best friend Ernest. Everyday I love him more. I'm thankful for hearing the best sounds of him playing with his little girl, singing her silly songs and waking her up with kisses! And Autumn, well she is just a doll! She lights up my world! I couldn't fathom loving something so tiny sosososososo much, she is the best!!!

AND if things couldn't get any better we have our families. I never paid much attention to the saying 'it takes a village to raise a baby' but now I understand. We could not raise this little girl without our families. I am humbled everyday by their unwavering, unconditional, enormous amounts of pure love for Autumn and for us. Through the grumpiest of days (oh and I have some doosies!), sleepless nights and happiest days they are there for us 110%. I am forever grateful and thankful for the love that surrounds us and the family that Autumn can call hers. Words will never even describe how thankful I am for them and how much I love our families!!! Ok, enough of the sap...HAPPY FIRST THANKSGIVING my sweet sweet girl!! Blessed.

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