2 Months...Boom!!!

Again, I think I'll say this a million times, but where the hell has the time gone?! I cannot believe my sweet girl is two months old! I just spent the past few minutes going thru my camera roll and it seems like just yesterday I was pregnant but then again like its been an eternity since then.

Enough sap, this week has been a busy one! Autumn went thru a wicked growth spurt (hello zero sleep), had her two month checkup, got shots, spent the week with Grandma Jonette and I and saw SANTA! Whew! No wonder she's conked out now! She's growing well and is healthy as a horse! She did great seeing Santa, probably because she could tell what a creeper mall Santa he was but oh we'll we got some cute pics. We were mostly busy baking both for Christmas and for a holiday open house I did for Nicole's Boutique. I was there as a vendor for jem cakes.tumblr.com and it was a great experience! Not a huge turnout but I met some great people, made some bridal circuit connections and saw some brides looking for the perfect dress.

This coming week I will savor every last minute as its my last week before I go back to work. I feel slightly more ready for it, mostly because I need to bring in some dough and because I know ill have christmas and New Years to look forward to. Can't wait for Autumns first Christmas!! We already sent her list to Santa (real one, not the creeper!) 🌲👊

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