NASA, we have giggles!

We have been waiting for this moment since the first smile we got from Autumn. We read it wouldn't happen until she was about four months old. But last night, 2 days before my babe turns 3 months old she did it...SHE GIGGLED!!! I know this may seem like a small milestone to some, but to us it was HUGE! My mom was over and had just finished changing her (which she loves) and she was standing up and bouncing on her changing table, assisted of course. She had the biggest smile and luckily I had enough sense to start recording her. Good thing because seconds later she had the cutest, sweetest, want to eat them up giggles. I died- it was seriously the cutest thing I've ever seen! Unfortunately her daddy wasn't there to be in on the action but he was blown away when I showed him the videos. I made a major video faux pas by not having my phone turned the right way but I was just too excited. Can't wait to see what other major milestones are coming up for us. She's been so busy lately talking to us, now laughing and I think a full rollover may be next!!

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