On the 11th week of Christmas...

Christmas Day may have been one of the most anticipated day in Autumn's life thus far. And it did not disappoint! It started Christmas Eve with some celebrations at my parents house with lots of family, food and fun. Then Christmas Day we woke up and took Autumn downstairs to check her stocking which was filled with an Elmo doll from Santa. We had a pick-nick on the floor by the Christmas tree and opened our presents together. Autumn, Jack and myself got Dad a new lunch box and water jug. I know, extremely exciting but we set a very small budget for presents for each other this year. Our biggest gift was baby Autumn, oh and medical bills, lots of medical bills. Anyhow, I got a new pair of headphones from Ernest (lets see if I can NOT destroy this pair!). And Ernest got Autumn a Gruffalo doll (super cute and she loves him!) and a book 'If Dinosaurs had Friends', or something to the effect, both of which she was very entertained with. Poor Jack got the shaft this year. He gets fed when we remember everyday. But seriously, he does get fed twice a day, sometimes it may just be brunch and a late dinner like us. His gift was Autumn as well, the jury is still out if he likes her! After we had our own little celebration, we went to my parents house to open more gifts, eat, visit then headed out to Ernest's families in Belen/Los Lunas. We had lots of fun opening gifts with everyone at each house. Autumn made out like a bandit!! The entire trunk was filled to the brim with gifts which are now consuming our entire kitchen table. She got such cute stuff, some useful stuff (a wipey warmer and womb sounding bear!) and best of all LOTS of love. I've said this a million times but I am so humbled by our families and their generosity and love!! They are all so amazing! My favorite gift, aside from Autumn of course, is an opal ring my parents gave me. It has three opals (Autumn, Ernest and me) which is also her birth stone. It's such a special gift and every time I look down at it I think of my beautiful baby girl. I have SO much love in my heart I could just melt!

OH and Autumn was finally able to meet her family from Colorado Springs, the Paywa's! They spent Saturday with her while I got a much needed haircut and as much time as they possible could the next few days (including lunch today!). We are so thankful they were able to finally meet her and spend Christmas with us.


Christmas Eve with the babe, too bad her Dad had to work :(

Uncle Ty

Christmas morning and Santa brought her Elmo!

Christmas Eve tradition at my parents house, luminarias....soooo pretty!

Grandma J

First meeting with Great Auntie Joyce

This girl LOVES attention!

This may have been her cutest Christmas present from cousin Juliana!

Christmas Eve outfit

Cousin Racquel, so happy with her!

Christmas morning pick nick, she loves staring at the lights

One of my favs!

This was Christmas night and she had enough pictures, outfits and fun. Can you tell how happy she is?!

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