Ten Weeks and the dreaded 'W' word

 She's so happy in the morning!
 She always has one arm out straight, I wish I knew why??? lol

 We are all sad I had to go back to work :(
 She was up early one morning and got ready with me. She loves watching me get ready! Looks like a Lollipop kid here!
 Ten weeks old and this little girl has some serious attitude! She wanted nothing to do with the headband on her head or the camera in her face. Diva moments happen a lot in our house.
 She loves her K-Tan carrier and now even more so...she can hold her head up so we're able to do the 'Adventurer' position and it's just awesome!
One second awake, kicking and talking. The next, fast asleep. Love this kid!

Well I'm super late posting yet again, but I wanted to make sure I got something in late or not. Week ten was a big week for us all. It was the week I've been dreading almost since the moment I found out I was pregnant...the week I went back to work, capital UGH!!! The first two days weren't as bad as I was imagining but the following 3 days were. I thought it was supposed to get easier, not harder?! We are fortunate enough to have great family coming to our house to watch Miss A (except for 2 days a week when we take her to Aunt Lucy's). It makes it easier because I can go see her on my lunch break. It does not change the fact that I have 8 hours less a day to spend with my beautiful girl. Without harping on the negatives too much, I hope to have a resolution within the next 6-12 months so I can be the one to stay home with Autumn every day. Lots of prayers and good thoughts are going out so we can come up with a plan to get me home!!! 

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