15 Week Lil Bunny

Some days I think Autumn may grow up thinking her name is 'Bunny' because I call her that 10:1. Or 'baby' because that's all Ernest calls her. I'm a huge fan of nicknames but Bunny seems to be a regular. My other nicknames for Autumn are: babe, baby, booboo, coocoo, bebe, honey, cupcake, my little cougar (I have no clue why?!), love bug, lovey, or any combination of these...love-cake-honey-baby-booboo if I'm really excited.

She loves her little Bumbo seat!
This little girl is so silly. It's hard to believe how much personality she has at such a young age. She's been waking up around 5 or 6am for the day so we'll get up and she watches me get ready. I'll do my makeup and watch TV (right now an OC marathon, boom!) while trying to keep her entertained. But if I'm too interested in the Seth-Summer-Anna triangle, she goes bat crazy and starts to grunt. As soon as I look at her and start making funny faces again she is ALL smiles! If she hears a noise she doesn't like, or if she's not happy she pouts out her lip and it cracks me up every.single.time and I just bust out laughing and she'll start laughing too. Then remembers she's mad and will pout it out again. OMG too funny!

Early morning play time
She loves to be walked around the house in her little stroller and just looks around, but if you stop that stroller you better bet you'll hear a scream. We think she might have a foot like David Beckham because this girl LOVES to kick! It's hilarious! When changing her, you have to wrestle her legs down because she's just so busy kick, kick, kicking away! Autumn takes after mama and loves some yoga (must have been all that pre-natal yoga I did, ha!). She has perfected the 'Supta Badda Konasana' or as Ernest likes to call it 'the butterfly'. She also does a combo move where she picks up her stuffed animals with her feet! Soooo funny watching this little monkey! I think we spent half an hour just watching her wiggling around on her changing table the other night.

Baby yoga
This silly girl on her changing table.
Our life this week...The 49er's are going to the Superbowl! Wootwoot! We're big 49er fans in our house and after 12 years of rooting for them and seeing them lose many a times, our little lucky charm Autumn brought them some good luck, as Ernest says. Autumn has been having some wicked tantrums which we can only attribute to teething. Seriously, teething at a week shy of 4 months?! Where did my newborn go? I think this officially pushes her into the big girl category. She's been drooling lots, vigorously rubbing her hand in her mouth and just having bouts of crying and nothing makes her happy. Poor booboo, I hate seeing her like that! We're keeping lots of chew toys (the dog owner in me), teething rings and kisses around for her. We can even see white on her lower row of her mouth!
She just finished having a teething induced scream fest
I swear- capturing a smile is soooo difficult! Her smiles are like unicorns...you know they exist but capturing one on camera rarely happens!

In other news, Autumn's hair is getting Rapunzel long! But rather than flowing down, it sticks up. Straight up. My dad thinks she has troll hair (you remember those trolls from the 90s!). She's also starting to actually realize Jack is a real life moving thing and has been way more interested in him. He, on the other hand, would rather not have anything to do with her. I sincerely hope that changes. Maybe once she starts eating and dropping food for him he'll be more interested.



FINALLY- Captured a smile!


  1. Found your blog through mutual blogs!! she is absolutely precious!! I love those little gray boots & heart outfit. my little guy is 25 weeks :)

  2. Thanks Katie!! Your little guy is adorable!! Love your V-day shoot! I have one coming up soon. Glad you found my blog :D