3 Months Plus Some

This whole blogging thing is not really my forte. And I'm doing it really just for myself, and for a special project I have planned for Miss A's first birthday as a way to document her first year. But still, I feel like I'm slacking. Oh well!

Always the fashionista

Anyways, so her 3 month mark has come and gone and we're at the 3-1/2 month mark! She is growing so much and changing everyday. Recently, she started to giggle, talks up a storm, sitting in her Bumbo, and generally sitting up pretty well (not totally alone yet but close). Most days she is all toothless grins, except this weekend. She gave us a run for our money in the grumpy-sleepless-whiney baby department. She fought her naps all Saturday and was just super grumpy. I kept telling Ernest it sounded like she was cussing us out in baby talk! HA! She pulled out every baby goo she knows in the cutest meanest combination she could pull out. I had to stop myself from just laughing at her! Poor babe, I think maybe she is beginning to sprout some teeth! Seriously?! Already?! That's the only thing we could think of. Other than her hating us already but I think we have a few more years until she's a teenager for that. So we'll keep telling ourselves she's just teething, or another growth spurt- or both! Scary!
Her eyelashes are so gorgeous!

Gettin her herrrr did! Aka putting my extensions on, haha

She LOVES bathtime! Even though her face doesn't show it here
Anyways, we'll get through this little hump and get back to those cute baby giggles soon (we hope!). She is just the cutest thing ever. I seriously can't get over how adorable she is. Especially when she gets ready with me in the morning. I put her in the Nap Nanny (yes, we know of the recall) and she just goos and giggles at me all morning. She especially likes when I brush my blush brush (say that 10x fast!) over her face and likes talking to the baby in the mirror. So sweet!
From our family photo shoot

I swear we're much happier than we look in pics
In other news, we have been looking for a house for an eternity a few months, to no avail. I keep reminding myself the perfect house is just waiting for us! Plus, who likes to go house hunting in single digit weather?! Not this gal! I used to LOVE the cold and getting all decked out in cute snow gear but these days I'd rather be by the fire with a cup-o-joe, my favorite cuddle bunnies and a blankie. We have become quite the hermit family this year. We just hate taking Autumn out when it's so cold and I guess the flu has kind of scared us into hunkering down indoors. We are also scared of being 'those people' with the screaming baby. Autumn loves to scream- loud. Very loud. Not just when she's mad, if she's just playing she has the most hilarious screams and squeaks! So we may just stay hermits for a little while longer.
Getting ready with me in the morning, all smiles at 5:30am!

Jack was more enthused than she was

I wish this picture had sound because she was making the funniest noises here

Her Zoolander face while getting ready

Her 4 month visit (holy H-bomb!) is coming up very soon! We'll see where this funny girl measures in and hopefully get the clear to start giving her some solid foods! I have no idea why, but I am beyond excited to start feeding her cereal and even better to start making her baby food. Time to bust out the Baby Brezza! Ahhhhh, I can't wait! I just love watching this little girl grow up!
Rough night=nap time

Growing up so fast!

Autumn's official first snow! Brrrrrr

Cheeseball and a grumpo

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