4 Months of FUN!

I don't think I will ever get over how fast time is passing. Time: please.slow.down! Autumn is (un-officially) 4 months old! I say un-officially because February 6th is her actual 4 month birthday, but January 26 was 16 weeks from the day she was born. So in my mind she's 4 months. Boom.
It took about a billion shots to get a non-blurry pic of her looking at the camera!
Next week is the much anticipated 4 month checkup with her doctor where she will get more shots (boo!), weighed and height checked. I have no clue how much she weighs now but I'm guessing it's a lot because this girl has grown soooo much! And she is tall too! Fingers crossed she gets her daddy's tall-skinny genes and not mama's humpdy-dumpdy genes! So far, I think she's on the right track. I am beyond excited to see if the doctor say's she can start eating rice cereal! We've been 'practicing' with her baby spoons (I know, total nerd!) but she mostly just spits the spoon out and gives me a look like 'what the hell are you putting into my mouth Mama?!'. I have a feeling she may not be ready for cereal yet but that means I can just anticipate it for that much longer, and that is A-OK.
You want to feed me what?!
Autumn's likes at this point are: Mama and Daddy! Seriously, if anyone else is holding her and one of us walks into a room she wants nothing to do with anyone else but us. I love that feeling! She absolutely LOVES splashing mama taking a bath!!! She gets the most adorable determined look and even sticks out her tongue then just kicks and flails her arms like she's swimming across the English Channel and her life depends on it. She loves gabbing to her stuffed animals, watching TV (uh-oh!), reading books, screaming, squealing, flailing her arms, kicking as hard as she can, putting anything within a 6" radius into her mouth, pulling the fur off her poor stuffed puppy (at least it's not Jack...yet), sitting in her Bumbo, taking rides around the house in the stroller and giving big open mouthed slobbery kisses.
She love Sophie!
The calm before the 'storm' aka her wild woman splashing
 Dislikes: Clothes! She will be happy as can be but the second a shirt goes over her head she goes ape-shit. She loves being a nakey baby. That one comes from her dear old Dad. He didn't get the nickname 'Nature Boy' for nothing! HA! Autumn has become quite the big girl and if she's being held too much she screams and stiffens her body straight until you put her down! Oi, this girl....we're going to have our hands full as she gets older! Still hates a wet diapy, especially cloth ones (who likes to be wet though?!). Those are pretty much her dislikes, but mostly she is just a hap-hap-happy baby!
We put some new black socks on her and this is what her feet looked like after. You could make a blanket with all that lint!
Autumn's pretty much sleeping through the night. She goes down around 8 after a bath, book and bottle. Then she'll be fast asleep with help from her swaddle and two (yes, two) sound machines until anywhere from 1:30-5:30. She'll wake up to eat then will go back down pretty quickly but is pretty much up for the day by 5:30 or 6. Unless we have a day like today where she was wide awake at 4:30am. 'Baby, the birds aren't even up yet- for f's sake, please go back to sleep!' But nope, it's a Venti (decaf) coffee kind of day. Placebo effect. And then she fell back asleep before I could get her dressed. Go figure.

How can you not love this face at 4am?!
In other news, this past weekend I was asked to make some cupcakes as a giveaway for the NM Wedding Guide Bridal Show. I had so much fun making some custom flags with sparkly letters, grapefruit cupcakes with champagne buttercream and cute little boxes for the cupcakes with a special note to the bride. Check out more of my cakes here (this is a work in progress site as I move from my original site). Hopefully this will generate some business for me! Autumn even helped me bake and decorate by being such a good girl!
Custom made flags with glitter lettering

jem cakes


Well we are so looking forward to her 4 month appointment, hopefully a Valentines photoshoot (if everything I ordered shows up), our first night few hours going out without baby for Stacy's 30th, and watching the 49ers at the Superbowl! Wootwoot!

P.S. At what point do we stop listening to Lil Wayne in the car with her?! :/

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