Giving creds...

It occurred to me as I was looking at other blogs that I have not done a good job (at all) of giving credit where credit is deserved. I started this blog as a way for me to document my pregnancy and now Miss A's journey. I'm horrible at writing things down but am on the computer often and decided a blog would be the best way to document. It never really occurred to me that other people would also be reading this blog and I do not want to come across as taking someone's idea as my own. I had read and seen several blogs and found (on Pinterest, of course) this really cute way of documenting weekly pregnancy changes on a chalkboard. I started reading Jessica Garvin's blog, Little Baby Garvin and quickly fell in love with it. She has great tips for mom, baby, decorating, etc. I especially loved her chalkboard and the way she did this questionnaire each week of her pregnancy. In my prego brain blur and the blur of being a new mother, I failed to give credit to her idea of both the chalkboard and the questionnaire she did. SO my chalkboard journey through pregnancy and the questionnaire were entirely borrowed from my favorite blog, Little Baby Garvin. I hope to continue getting inspiration from others through this new journey of motherhood and will be sure to give FULL credit to those who deserve it!

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