Truth Bombs

I am all about baby 24/7 as are most of the blogs I read. But I rarely see much about postpartum for the Mama. Or if it is I usually see these amazing stories how they lost all their baby weight before they left the hospital, how their house is spotless and a 3 course dinner is on the table by 7pm every night, the dog gets walked everyday, blah blah blah...you get my point. Well maybe I'm the only one, but I'm lucky if one of the above things gets done in a day! Don't get me wrong, motherhood is by far THE best thing that has ever happened to me and I would not change it for the world! And all these things are completely worth the precious baby girl I get to hold in my arms everyday. I'm just putting down some truth bombs and saying that shit gets real after having a baby...our house is messy 24/7 even after I clean, the dog gets walked maybe once a week, dinner consists of anything I can shove into a Crock Pot, I'm having more 'natural' hair days- aka no energy to straighten my hair, oh and I still have 10 pounds that are sticking to me like white on rice! OH, and breastfeeding has been a bitch! I've been exclusively pumping for almost 3 months and that is no easy task. But the benefit far out-weighs the pain in the ass it is for me. I still have raging hormones (hello, Wicked Witch of the West). Not to mention the large amounts of hair I am currently shedding. Apparently it's a lovely side effect of post-pregnancy hormones, thank you Mother Nature! I must now invest in an industrial grade dog shedding vacuum, a Costco size box of lint rollers and a wig from the Raquel Welch line.

So much of what you read in baby books, etc. doesn't really prepare you for life after baby. I'm not talking about the 'how to feed and swaddle your baby' or 'nap when the baby naps'. I'm getting used to less sleep and I think I"m actually doing a pretty amazing job in the Mom department. It's those other departments I feel I'm lacking (being a spokeswoman for Garnier, cooking and being the next Brooke Burke with a line of workout videos, being a great fiance, etc). But I've pretty much decided these things don't matter (except for the fiance one). At all. Both Ernest and I working full time jobs away from the babe doesn't leave us much time to spend with her so the last thing I feel like doing when I get home is busting out the mop and bucket. I'd rather spend my time giving baby A sweet kisses, playing with her and listening to her talk up a storm. And by that time it's already snooze hour for her, dinner time then bed time. OH and the fiance and Jack need some quality time in there too. I guess it's just all about prioritizing and a spotless kitchen comes in last to spending time with my family.

I guess this is my testament that life with an infant, a full time job, a fiancé, a house and dog is no easy task. BUT I'm incredibly blessed for the life I have. I need to give myself a break, stop comparing myself and others because at the end of the day a 'perfect' life is not about having a house Martha Stewart would envy, it's about the people inside it. I may workout only once a week, we may eat takeout more than once twice a week, Jack may gain a few puppy pounds, our house may be on the next episode of Hoarders, I may be plumper than Humpty Dumpty and have to rock a sassy blonde wig but...it's OKAY! We are only 3-1/2 months in and are still adjusting and learning everyday. We will find our balance someday (hopefully sooner than later) but until then, all the petty shit doesn't matter. So to all those Mama's out there who are feeling the same way (please don't let me be the only one!) it's ok to not be perfect! Being a Mom and a fiance is the #1 priority right now! Whew, now I need a nap with a side of Chipotle! HA!

Family pictures at Ernest's Aunt's house. Note: these are clip in hair extensions! HA!


  1. I just want to tell you that I love your blog and I think you have a gift, truly! Your crazy family antics make me laugh out loud and you really are so funny!
    Autumn is adorable and I can't believe that I haven't met her yet! You are not the only mom in that boat....most are, people just fake it.

  2. Awe, thanks Tara that's so sweet!!! Just trying to be real :) we need to get together still so Autumn and Declan can meet! And thanks, I'm glad Im not the only mom in the same boat, lol! Love your guys blog, Declan seems so fun!! XOXO

  3. AMEN! Those other blogs that don't ever talk about this is lying to themselves and everyone reading ;) It's ok not to be perfect and I'm thankful someone else is honest enough to share it bc my girlfriends never told me about the craziness that goes on in your mind after a baby and the roller coaster rides you'll go on with the hubby, breastfeeding, body, hairloss, etc! But 14 months later and another one on the way... I can at least say I know better this time around. LOVE THE BLOG!

  4. Thanks Pamela! I guess that's where I'm coming from, nobody told me about all the 'other' stuff! I can swaddle now like a boss but dealing with the other stuff is quite the roller coaster ride! Guess it all comes with the journey though and the little one's are totally worth it! Congrats on your baby on the way and thanks for reading the blog!!!