Live Fit Update- Week 1 DONE

So I completed Week 1 (almost done with week 2) of the Live Fit Program. So far, so GREAT! I'm down 3.5 pounds in a week (weighed Monday to Monday). I also feel like I'm gaining a lot of muscle and feel like my clothes are fitting more comfortably, which is more important to me than just a numbers game. I'm also starting to feel better and more energized.

I've been sticking to the workout program 100% and the diet probably 85% (weekends are tough!). It does help to plan and prepare lunches/snacks on Sunday that way I can just grab my healthy meals. The working out has been surprisingly easy in terms of getting to the gym at my lunch hour. The workouts themselves are hard! But a good kinda hard. The kind of hard that left me crawling down the stairs on all fours because my legs were so sore! I wish. Ernest definitely wouldn't have let me live that one down! HA! Last week my friend from work, Katie, was going with me to the gym which made it 10x easier to go. Unfortunately, she has a family emergency that took her back to Detroit. I so desperately wish/pray/dream that she did not have to go through such a horrible time right now. Heavy hearts.

Anyhow, I've still been going to the gym solo this week and just taking my iPhone and blasting it through my workouts. I love how the Live Fit program gives you a set workout each day so there is no guess work on my part. I have my little cheat sheet and just go to town once I get there. Each workout only takes me about 20-25 minutes since it's only weights right now. I'm doing more of a superset workout rather than taking 1 minute breaks between each set since I'm on a time constraint. It works out perfectly though, I change at work, drive to the gym, workout, get back to work, pump, change and still have time to eat (at my desk)!

Next week there will be one extra day of weights for two weeks. Then, it's on to Phase 2. Can't wait! What did other Mama's do to get fit after baby? What worked, didn't work? How did you fit in workout time with a baby? That'll be the hardest part for Phase 2 & 3...

AND a pic of my silly little motivator (right before she let out a loud squeak)!


20 Weeks, Not 5 Months

This week has been all about the milestones...Autumn rolled over, slept.the.entire.night, and held her bottle with her very own pudgy little hands! She continues to eat big girl food, although, there have been a couple of times where she's just not having it and would rather have a bottle. We definitely don't force the food and just kind of go with it. Autumn has also been 'talking' up a storm and is getting really good about mimicking the sounds we make. She gets the cutest little face when she tries so hard to make certain noises. I never thought I'd be acting a fool, making noises like a baboon just to make her happy. Whatever it takes.
Big girl holding her own bottle! Mama has two hands again!

Autumn trying to grab the camera from me

She barely fits in her MamaRoo anymore, sad!
 When I found out I was pregnant, I knew I wanted a classy, modern nursery and not something super 'babyish'. I knew we'd be spending a lot of time in there so I wanted it to be a space we could enjoy too. So the nursery doesn't scream 'baby'. Obviously we know there is a baby in there, but I don't have farm animals all over the walls or pink vomit all around. Not my thing. Her nursery is white, yellow and gray with chevron patterns sprinkled throughout and I LOVE her room! I spent a lot of time planning it and finding stuff that was just perfect. So I've been looking for a mobile for an eternity, and still have not found one I like. All the one's I've seen aren't the right color, have stupid animals or just look tacky. I began making one before Autumn was born that has yellow and gray ombre circles. Well that mobile is still sitting in the office half finished. Oops.

Long story short, Ernest's mom bought Autumn a mobile the other day. I graciously thanked her but had my reservations, especially because it connects directly to the crib. This makes me cringe (I know, I'm a weirdo but that Type A personality takes over). Ernest put it together and we put Autumn in her crib so she could see his hard work. Girlfriend LOVES her mobile!! Love is probably an understatement because she cannot get enough of this thing. It lights up, has moving parts and music. Basically a babies little slice of heaven. On Saturday morning, she woke up too early so I turned the little miracle maker on. They had a grand ole time. Until...it turned off and she went ape shit. The thing only has a 10 minute limit, seriously!? WTF?! So Ernest and I took a couple of turns getting up to turn it back on. Horrible parents, I know, but she loves the thing and it makes her happy. So the nursery now has a very baby mobile (gasp) but we have a very happy baby. Baby wins. Mama's neurosis loses.
Her first encounter with her BFF. Completely mesmerized.
Early am play sesh
Has everyone heard about these amber beads or am I the only one living under a rock? Apparently they are the shit for teething babes. They provide 'natural pain relief and soothing analgesic support during teething.' Found here. I've talked to a few people who have used them and all have said they work and they hold onto that thing like it's the holy grail. I haven't bought one yet because I wanted to read more about them first. I heard lighter amber is more effective. I'm all for natural remedies so I think I'll be buying one very quickly. I just wonder about the safety factor in terms of them being a chocking hazard. Has anyone else used one? What type did you get? Are they really effective?

I love that this kid looks like a gypsy!

She clearly needs some amber beads     

In other randomness...
I scribbled this chalkboard together and snapped a pic, posted it, only to realize I'm TWO WEEKS BEHIND! I'm losing my marbles...
Autumn after she sat-up for 2.7 seconds then face planted into the blanket. HA!
She dresses better than me :)
Ok, I'll get you the amber beads!


Gettin Buff n Stuff

As I've mentioned in some other posts, I've been having a hell of a time losing the last of my baby weight (10lbs that is sky rocketing slowly creeping up from there). Which isn't too much to lose, but I'm a shorty so 10lbs is like 50lbs. It is now time to really get my ass into gear! I work 40 hours, 5 days a week + a baby + fiance + dog + everything else, doesn't equal a lot of gym time. Let's face it, who wants to go to the gym when you have a cute lil boo to play with instead?! Not this gal! So when I get home I always feel super guilty that I should be working out which never sometimes happens.
Treadmill or this face?! No contest, baby wins!
My typical day looks something like this, wake up between 5-5:30 depending on Autumn, work by 7, lunch at noon where I would go home. Scramble to put something together for lunch, try to visit with Autumn if she isn't napping, pump then scurry back to work. This would get me maybe 15 minutes of quality time with baby girl. Not much. Then I get off at 4pm, home, then it's all baby time, dinner, lunch, etc. until about 8pm. You see, not a lot of time for working out. I was blog stalking the other day and found this blog 'Honey We're Healthy'. This blogger is a 37 year old mama of a little boy and looks ah-mazing! I read more about her story and she had a similar journey as me.

Pre-pregnancy, I was probably the healthiest I'd ever been. I'd just finished running my first half-marathon a few months before, was eating healthy and had started training for my next half. Then pregnancy hit. At first, I was still being really healthy, working out and eating right. Then fatigue hit. My workouts started slacking and so did my diet. Pre-prego, I'd been on every and any diet you could think of so eating 'normal' was really difficult. You could say I went a little haywire and started indulging WAY too much. I did well staying on track with my weight gain at first, then every week it seems I gained 2 extra pounds, then 3, then 4, you get the idea. Suffice it to say, I gained more than the recommended amount. Almost double. Gross!

I lost the first 35 pounds within a couple weeks after having Autumn. I can't take credit for any of it though. I think a lot was water weight, the baby and all the other good stuff, and not having the time, energy or appetite to eat but one meal a day. But when my energy and appetite returned, I made up for lost time. But since I was still on restrictions from the c-section, I couldn't do a whole lot other than walking. Which luckily I was walking or I would have gained more/lost less.
At my largest. Just hours before baby girl entered the world!
This brings us to today, still 10-15lbs heavier than I was a year ago. I've been on Weight Watchers a couple of weeks. I've done WW in the past with great success, this time...not so much. At first I had major supply issues with the restricted diet, raised my points according to WW support, started to gain weight. Really?! Enter: frustration and lack of motivation. Mind you, I am not working out as much as I should. But still.

Long story short, after seeing the Honey We're Healthy blog, I saw Megan was doing this 12 week program called Live Fit by Jamie Eason and was having amazing results! Megan also had a post about finding the time to workout. I took a hard look at my day and came to the conclusion that the only time I could really get some gym time is at lunch. Since I already have a babysitter at lunch (which was one of my hinderances before since Ernest gets off late) I've since decided to forgo my lunchtime madness and make it mommy gym time. A happy mommy=a happy house. I'm just surprised I didn't think of it sooner!

Ok, so back to Live Fit...it's a pretty awesome program! It's broken up into 3 phases of both diet and exercise. (They also recommend supplements, which I will not be doing except for taking my pre-natal vitamin since I'm still nursing. The babe doesn't need any chemicals from that stuff!) Phase 1 is the muscle building phase and training your body into the habit of working out and eating lean protein, lots of veggies, water and only healthy starches before 7pm. The best part of phase 1...NO CARDIO! Can it get any better?! Since you're trying to build muscle in Phase 1, all your energy stores are saved for just that. Phase 2 you add in cardio and start cutting carbs. Phase 3 builds on the other two phases with high-intensity workouts, carb cycling and supersets. Intense! But, I think it'll totally be worth it! I have no affiliation with this company or Honey We're Healthy blog. This program just makes logical sense. I also love that it's a slow progression, not some fad diet or workout that'll give you results over night. There's going to be lots of blood, sweat and tears for the next twelve weeks! OK, so maybe not blood (I hope not!) but definitely lots of sweat and maybe some tears...of joy.

Day one and two are complete. I can barely put my sweater on because I'm so sore, but that means it's working! The 'diet' is pretty easy too, just clean eating. I don't feel deprived or starving either. I'll check in again in a week. Perhaps I'll post a 'before' picture of myself now...or not...


19 Weeks

At what point do you stop counting a babies age in weeks and get out of mommy-land and refer to weeks as months like a normal person?! I always hated when I heard people say, 'oh my son is 126 weeks old' HUH?! English please! But, like many things in mommyhood, I've become one of those people. When in Rome...

Her favorite toy, her fist
ANYhow, we had a long 4 day weekend which was sooooo nice! Why can't every weekend be 4 days?! originally we were going to take a short weekend trip, but it turns out finding someone to watch the baby during the week and overnight is harder than we anticipated. That, and I don't think I'm ready for a full overnight without her. But I'm kind of glad we didn't go anywhere because we got lots of quality time with Autumn!
She LOVES being 'tossed' in the air (she's held.the.entire.time)
I was trying to think back on what we did this weekend and well, we didn't do a whole lot. We went shopping, looked at a house (still on the search), visited Grandma & Grandpa M, did lots of reading and a ton of play time. I also got a much needed mani and pedi. I hadn't had one since before Autumn was born! Ew! There were these two little girls there with their mom and I couldn't help but think it won't be long til I can take Autumn with me. SO excited! In the meantime, I think I need to snatch up some Piggy Polish for her little tootsies!
Reading our new books from Grandpa
In feeding news, we've gone rogue and went beyond the peds recommendation of cereals only. After much reading and research, I felt it was ok to start the first fruits and veggies to accompany her cereal. So far we've only tried banana's and avocados. The first few days I gave her oatmeal banana cereal only, then four days of banana's + cereal, 4 days of avocados + cereal. She loves banana's...avocados, not so much. The first few bites are rough, but then she warms up to it and can't get it quick enough. Tonight I'm going to use the Baby Brezza to make some apples. Once we get our fresh farm order on Wednesday, we'll be ready to try some sweet potatoes. I just love seeing her expressions when trying something new!
A bite of avocado, mmmmmmm....NOT

And...FINALLY flashed my camera just at the right time before she went all 'deer in the headlights' on me!
This might be my favorite picture of her!
Visiting with Gramma J
Cutest cloth diaper bum

Channeling Tina Turner with this hair
She is seriously mesmerized by my constant messy bun. She may have a hair fetish.

Giving 'George' hugs, so cute!
Loves the O.C. like Mama!


Happy Valentine's Day!

We've had such an awesome day sleeping in til 7 (beats 5am!), making cookies, being lazy together, shopping, lunch, laughing, cuddling and now dinner! Busy day but so thankful I was able to take a couple days off to spend with my loves! Happy 12th anniversary to my love, Ernest! And now we have Autumn to celebrate with too! It only gets better! Love, my happy heart XOXO


17-18 Weeks

Week 17 has come and gone and we've begun week 18. This has been a very busy couple weeks for us...we went out two weekends in a row for our best friends 30th birthday (everyone is dropping like flies out of the 20something category. PS I'd rather stay home), finally took Valentine pictures and sent out cards, went for long walks, got Jack shots, got Jack groomed, baked for some orders, Autumn started solids, got some shots, rolled (almost) to her tummy, met a baby 3 days older than her, met my oldest best friend and her daughter, had a girls night with her Auntie and cousins AND helped Mama bake (again)! Whew, I'm tired just writing it out! Just kidding! I'm tired from Autumn's 2am scream fests!
Our first date night, wootwoot!

Midnight glamping party in Autumn's room

The sweetest face we came home to!
Autumn meeting Kingston (3 days older), Destany and Deegan. So cute!
Scream fests aside, we had a pretty awesome week (and a half)! The much anticipated doctors appointment went well. I was dreading shots soooo much since the last time was incredibly hard for me her. I kept preparing Ernest for how bad it would be, told him to take tissue and some eye drops because he would be crying like a baby. Much to my surprise, Autumn took her shots like a champ. Got poked-screamed for 30 seconds-done. Moving on. I was left saying 'I swear they were worse last time and that's why I came home with puffy, tear-stained eyes!'.
Waiting for the doctor. Her peds office is SO old school- notice the bear wallpaper?!
Autumn measured a whopping 26 inches long! Holy crap! That's the 91th percentile for height! And she weighed in at 13 lbs 6 oz (36th percentile). I think it's fair to say she is taking after her Daddy at this point! The doc said she could start cereals (woohoo!) but to wait to start fruits and veggies until 5 months. This is much different than everything I've read and been researching as discussed here. This doctor is a little old school and I ended up going our own direction...

I ran drove to the store after her appointment to buy some organic short grain brown rice. Which turned out to be like looking for a unicorn in the grocery store. Couldn't.find.it.anywhere. BUT I did find some Earth's Best Organic Banana Oatmeal so I scooped up two boxes of it (yes, eager much). The ingredients looked legit and I felt comfortable buying it. When it came to feeding Autumn, she did AWESOME! Maybe it was my imagination but, I swear she was opening her mouth for the next bite! It just melts my heart to see my little girl taking such a big step in her development. We even put her in her big girl high chair. She looks so freakin cute in there!

All prepared for some big girl food
We followed the 4 day rule and gave her only the cereal the first few days. The rebel in me decided cereal is for the birds and we needed to spice it up a bit. Last night we added a little bit of banana to her cereal. At first she made a face like we just fed her Jacks dog food, but then she warmed up to it a bit and ended up eating her whole bowl. By 'whole bowl' I mean maybe a few teaspoons of food which seems to be perfect for her.

Her first few bites!
My silly girl can't stop staring at the bright lights in the kitchen
In other news, Baby and Daddy were able to spend most of last week together since he had some time off. It gets even better because he has off all week and I have off Thursday and Friday to spend with my loves! Autumn's first Valentines, YAY! It will be our 12 year anniversary too (holy s*@!) but we don't have any big plans. Spending a day at home with my little family, no work and maybe some sushi takeout sounds like perfection!

Bye for now, until later this week for some Valentines Day fun!

All bundled up for a long walk on the bosque

Always so serious! My poor little chalkboard needs some major rehab!