17-18 Weeks

Week 17 has come and gone and we've begun week 18. This has been a very busy couple weeks for us...we went out two weekends in a row for our best friends 30th birthday (everyone is dropping like flies out of the 20something category. PS I'd rather stay home), finally took Valentine pictures and sent out cards, went for long walks, got Jack shots, got Jack groomed, baked for some orders, Autumn started solids, got some shots, rolled (almost) to her tummy, met a baby 3 days older than her, met my oldest best friend and her daughter, had a girls night with her Auntie and cousins AND helped Mama bake (again)! Whew, I'm tired just writing it out! Just kidding! I'm tired from Autumn's 2am scream fests!
Our first date night, wootwoot!

Midnight glamping party in Autumn's room

The sweetest face we came home to!
Autumn meeting Kingston (3 days older), Destany and Deegan. So cute!
Scream fests aside, we had a pretty awesome week (and a half)! The much anticipated doctors appointment went well. I was dreading shots soooo much since the last time was incredibly hard for me her. I kept preparing Ernest for how bad it would be, told him to take tissue and some eye drops because he would be crying like a baby. Much to my surprise, Autumn took her shots like a champ. Got poked-screamed for 30 seconds-done. Moving on. I was left saying 'I swear they were worse last time and that's why I came home with puffy, tear-stained eyes!'.
Waiting for the doctor. Her peds office is SO old school- notice the bear wallpaper?!
Autumn measured a whopping 26 inches long! Holy crap! That's the 91th percentile for height! And she weighed in at 13 lbs 6 oz (36th percentile). I think it's fair to say she is taking after her Daddy at this point! The doc said she could start cereals (woohoo!) but to wait to start fruits and veggies until 5 months. This is much different than everything I've read and been researching as discussed here. This doctor is a little old school and I ended up going our own direction...

I ran drove to the store after her appointment to buy some organic short grain brown rice. Which turned out to be like looking for a unicorn in the grocery store. Couldn't.find.it.anywhere. BUT I did find some Earth's Best Organic Banana Oatmeal so I scooped up two boxes of it (yes, eager much). The ingredients looked legit and I felt comfortable buying it. When it came to feeding Autumn, she did AWESOME! Maybe it was my imagination but, I swear she was opening her mouth for the next bite! It just melts my heart to see my little girl taking such a big step in her development. We even put her in her big girl high chair. She looks so freakin cute in there!

All prepared for some big girl food
We followed the 4 day rule and gave her only the cereal the first few days. The rebel in me decided cereal is for the birds and we needed to spice it up a bit. Last night we added a little bit of banana to her cereal. At first she made a face like we just fed her Jacks dog food, but then she warmed up to it a bit and ended up eating her whole bowl. By 'whole bowl' I mean maybe a few teaspoons of food which seems to be perfect for her.

Her first few bites!
My silly girl can't stop staring at the bright lights in the kitchen
In other news, Baby and Daddy were able to spend most of last week together since he had some time off. It gets even better because he has off all week and I have off Thursday and Friday to spend with my loves! Autumn's first Valentines, YAY! It will be our 12 year anniversary too (holy s*@!) but we don't have any big plans. Spending a day at home with my little family, no work and maybe some sushi takeout sounds like perfection!

Bye for now, until later this week for some Valentines Day fun!

All bundled up for a long walk on the bosque

Always so serious! My poor little chalkboard needs some major rehab!

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