19 Weeks

At what point do you stop counting a babies age in weeks and get out of mommy-land and refer to weeks as months like a normal person?! I always hated when I heard people say, 'oh my son is 126 weeks old' HUH?! English please! But, like many things in mommyhood, I've become one of those people. When in Rome...

Her favorite toy, her fist
ANYhow, we had a long 4 day weekend which was sooooo nice! Why can't every weekend be 4 days?! originally we were going to take a short weekend trip, but it turns out finding someone to watch the baby during the week and overnight is harder than we anticipated. That, and I don't think I'm ready for a full overnight without her. But I'm kind of glad we didn't go anywhere because we got lots of quality time with Autumn!
She LOVES being 'tossed' in the air (she's held.the.entire.time)
I was trying to think back on what we did this weekend and well, we didn't do a whole lot. We went shopping, looked at a house (still on the search), visited Grandma & Grandpa M, did lots of reading and a ton of play time. I also got a much needed mani and pedi. I hadn't had one since before Autumn was born! Ew! There were these two little girls there with their mom and I couldn't help but think it won't be long til I can take Autumn with me. SO excited! In the meantime, I think I need to snatch up some Piggy Polish for her little tootsies!
Reading our new books from Grandpa
In feeding news, we've gone rogue and went beyond the peds recommendation of cereals only. After much reading and research, I felt it was ok to start the first fruits and veggies to accompany her cereal. So far we've only tried banana's and avocados. The first few days I gave her oatmeal banana cereal only, then four days of banana's + cereal, 4 days of avocados + cereal. She loves banana's...avocados, not so much. The first few bites are rough, but then she warms up to it and can't get it quick enough. Tonight I'm going to use the Baby Brezza to make some apples. Once we get our fresh farm order on Wednesday, we'll be ready to try some sweet potatoes. I just love seeing her expressions when trying something new!
A bite of avocado, mmmmmmm....NOT

And...FINALLY flashed my camera just at the right time before she went all 'deer in the headlights' on me!
This might be my favorite picture of her!
Visiting with Gramma J
Cutest cloth diaper bum

Channeling Tina Turner with this hair
She is seriously mesmerized by my constant messy bun. She may have a hair fetish.

Giving 'George' hugs, so cute!
Loves the O.C. like Mama!


  1. She is so cute! I hear ya on the mani/pedi thing! I used to get my nails done all the time before Waverly was born and haven't done them since! Priorities have certainly changed! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

    1. Priorities change for sure! But it's all worth it! Thanks for checking out my blog :D