20 Weeks, Not 5 Months

This week has been all about the milestones...Autumn rolled over, slept.the.entire.night, and held her bottle with her very own pudgy little hands! She continues to eat big girl food, although, there have been a couple of times where she's just not having it and would rather have a bottle. We definitely don't force the food and just kind of go with it. Autumn has also been 'talking' up a storm and is getting really good about mimicking the sounds we make. She gets the cutest little face when she tries so hard to make certain noises. I never thought I'd be acting a fool, making noises like a baboon just to make her happy. Whatever it takes.
Big girl holding her own bottle! Mama has two hands again!

Autumn trying to grab the camera from me

She barely fits in her MamaRoo anymore, sad!
 When I found out I was pregnant, I knew I wanted a classy, modern nursery and not something super 'babyish'. I knew we'd be spending a lot of time in there so I wanted it to be a space we could enjoy too. So the nursery doesn't scream 'baby'. Obviously we know there is a baby in there, but I don't have farm animals all over the walls or pink vomit all around. Not my thing. Her nursery is white, yellow and gray with chevron patterns sprinkled throughout and I LOVE her room! I spent a lot of time planning it and finding stuff that was just perfect. So I've been looking for a mobile for an eternity, and still have not found one I like. All the one's I've seen aren't the right color, have stupid animals or just look tacky. I began making one before Autumn was born that has yellow and gray ombre circles. Well that mobile is still sitting in the office half finished. Oops.

Long story short, Ernest's mom bought Autumn a mobile the other day. I graciously thanked her but had my reservations, especially because it connects directly to the crib. This makes me cringe (I know, I'm a weirdo but that Type A personality takes over). Ernest put it together and we put Autumn in her crib so she could see his hard work. Girlfriend LOVES her mobile!! Love is probably an understatement because she cannot get enough of this thing. It lights up, has moving parts and music. Basically a babies little slice of heaven. On Saturday morning, she woke up too early so I turned the little miracle maker on. They had a grand ole time. Until...it turned off and she went ape shit. The thing only has a 10 minute limit, seriously!? WTF?! So Ernest and I took a couple of turns getting up to turn it back on. Horrible parents, I know, but she loves the thing and it makes her happy. So the nursery now has a very baby mobile (gasp) but we have a very happy baby. Baby wins. Mama's neurosis loses.
Her first encounter with her BFF. Completely mesmerized.
Early am play sesh
Has everyone heard about these amber beads or am I the only one living under a rock? Apparently they are the shit for teething babes. They provide 'natural pain relief and soothing analgesic support during teething.' Found here. I've talked to a few people who have used them and all have said they work and they hold onto that thing like it's the holy grail. I haven't bought one yet because I wanted to read more about them first. I heard lighter amber is more effective. I'm all for natural remedies so I think I'll be buying one very quickly. I just wonder about the safety factor in terms of them being a chocking hazard. Has anyone else used one? What type did you get? Are they really effective?

I love that this kid looks like a gypsy!

She clearly needs some amber beads     

In other randomness...
I scribbled this chalkboard together and snapped a pic, posted it, only to realize I'm TWO WEEKS BEHIND! I'm losing my marbles...
Autumn after she sat-up for 2.7 seconds then face planted into the blanket. HA!
She dresses better than me :)
Ok, I'll get you the amber beads!


  1. LOVE the photos! She is precious! I know all about the amber beads, my neighbors are all about them. However, the nurse is me screams DO NOT put something around your babies neck. But apparently they work. We use Hilands teething tablets, cold rings, frozen bananas (or any fruit really in a mesh bag), a wooden mixing spoon and toothbrush! Good luck!

    1. Thanks Tara! Ya, I still have not purchased the beads. The whole choking hazard and something around her neck freaks me out! Especially with her kung fu grip she may be dangerous! We'll see if I get them. Thanks for all the other helpful remedies! I forgot we have a wooden teething necklace someone gave us, I think it's time to bust it out!