Feeding the hungry little monster

As we prep for today's 4 month checkup to see if Autumn can start solids, I've been doing my research on all things baby food. My obsession with making baby food started when Autumn was just a twinkle in my eye when I read the book Skinny Bitch. Among other things, they talk about the meat processing industry and how baby foods with meat are made. Lets just say it made my stomach churn and turned me vegetarian for a few years. I knew from the moment I got pregnant that I would be making the babies food. I try to eat very little pre-packaged food, to cook as many of our meals as possible and to eat healthy (keyword 'try' but I'm not perfect). I thought, why would I not make the babies food? I want her to get the best start possible by feeding her the best we can. I'd hate for her to get her Daddy's Dr. Pepper, Oreo and Pop-Tart habit or my fad-diet craziness. I also love knowing she will be eating healthy/nutritious foods and knowing there aren't any harmful chemicals, pesticides or any other nastiness going into her cute little belly. Oh, and it's cheaper! And perhaps, this will help us make better choices too. No matter what, she will be getting the best foods possible, if I can help it! I am in no way an expert on feeding the babe (especially since I've only fed her breaskmilk and formula, HA!) but these are just my findings.

I got the awesome Baby Brezza Baby Cook Food Maker for one of my baby showers and have been SO excited to use it! I've been tempted to try it out already but I don't think Ernest would appreciate pureed sweet potatoes as much as Autumn will. SO finally, the time has come for me to use it! I've been looking at different baby food websites and books to find different recipes, techniques, etc.

One of the first baby foods recommended is one grain cereals. I wanted to see if there was a homemade version of the store-bought infant cereal and of course, there is! Wholesome Baby Foods has some great recipes for homemade cereals using brown rice, whole grains and barley! They have some great variations using rice powder, whole rice, etc. and all are geared towards babies 4-6 months. This site is an all around great resource for all things feeding baby.

Homemade baby rice cereal
I was also excited to read that our feeding adventures don't need to stop with just rice cereal. Some pediatricians also recommend avocado, apples, banana's, pears, acorn/butternut squash, sweet potatoes, green beans, barley and oats as first foods. Of course, always following the 4 day rule to see if there is any allergic reaction. But once the 4 days are up for each food (without issue), you can mix em up!

We just started this local farm-to-table program through Skarsgard Farms. We purchase a harvest box each week, choose which organic items we want and then they deliver it to our house each week. Seriously, how did I not know about this sooner?! For anyone who knows me, you know how much I HATE grocery shopping so this service is just amazing for us! What I love most about this program is the food is organic, regionally local and tastes great! Once I learned about it, I knew it would be perfect for feeding Autumn. I just put in my order yesterday and luckily pears, avocados and sweet potatoes were all options we'll have delivered tonight. Yes!!! I'm not a total organic snob, but the more I read, the better I feel it is for baby.

I've also ordered a few different homemade baby food cookbooks:

Some of the other gear we need to purchase (and some we already have):
Munchkin fresh food feeder

Catch all those leftovers!
First stage spoons
Storage containers
There is a TON of information, supplies and methods to introducing solids and I've just hit on the tip of the iceberg. We're going to start today with some homemade brown rice cereal and avocados. I'm thinking Autumn is ready for food because this girl has been eating like there's no tomorrow! What have you found to be helpful, works better, etc. in the feeding department?

P.S. There is absolutely no judgement on those who do not make baby food, eat organic, etc. I'm sure it's not for everyone and I'm sure there will be times when we do use pre-packaged, non-organic food. This is just how I plan to approach feeding (at the moment).


  1. Such a fabulous post! We didn't have a baby food cooker, but I used a food mill. I just ground up whatever we ate and fed it to him. However, mostly we waited until he could hold things and feed himself. I am a little crazy about eating organic, non processed etc. We also recently bought a vita mix blender and D LOVES green smoothies! I do have a snack stacker and we love it! He also snacks on a lot of freeze dried and dried fruit! That I don't make myself, I just buy it at Whole Foods or Trader Joe's. Also you will not regret getting your harvest box from Skarsgards Farms! LOVE IT!

    1. Thanks for sharing, it's good to know what you guys are doing! We went to the ped yesterday and he told us to only feed her cereals for the first month and then at 5 months add in fruits and veggies. This is different than what I've been reading. What did you guys do? I wasn't able to find organic short grain brown rice but I found Earths Best Organic oatmeal cereal. The ingredients seemed right, so we ended up going with that. Autumn did so great eating it! I was really surprised that she was actually opening her mouth for more- it was so cute! I'll have to check out the vita mix blender. I used to make tons of smoothies but once I got pregnant I couldn't stand them, but it may be time to try it again. We love our Skarsgards deliveries! Thanks for sharing!