Live Fit Update- Week 1 DONE

So I completed Week 1 (almost done with week 2) of the Live Fit Program. So far, so GREAT! I'm down 3.5 pounds in a week (weighed Monday to Monday). I also feel like I'm gaining a lot of muscle and feel like my clothes are fitting more comfortably, which is more important to me than just a numbers game. I'm also starting to feel better and more energized.

I've been sticking to the workout program 100% and the diet probably 85% (weekends are tough!). It does help to plan and prepare lunches/snacks on Sunday that way I can just grab my healthy meals. The working out has been surprisingly easy in terms of getting to the gym at my lunch hour. The workouts themselves are hard! But a good kinda hard. The kind of hard that left me crawling down the stairs on all fours because my legs were so sore! I wish. Ernest definitely wouldn't have let me live that one down! HA! Last week my friend from work, Katie, was going with me to the gym which made it 10x easier to go. Unfortunately, she has a family emergency that took her back to Detroit. I so desperately wish/pray/dream that she did not have to go through such a horrible time right now. Heavy hearts.

Anyhow, I've still been going to the gym solo this week and just taking my iPhone and blasting it through my workouts. I love how the Live Fit program gives you a set workout each day so there is no guess work on my part. I have my little cheat sheet and just go to town once I get there. Each workout only takes me about 20-25 minutes since it's only weights right now. I'm doing more of a superset workout rather than taking 1 minute breaks between each set since I'm on a time constraint. It works out perfectly though, I change at work, drive to the gym, workout, get back to work, pump, change and still have time to eat (at my desk)!

Next week there will be one extra day of weights for two weeks. Then, it's on to Phase 2. Can't wait! What did other Mama's do to get fit after baby? What worked, didn't work? How did you fit in workout time with a baby? That'll be the hardest part for Phase 2 & 3...

AND a pic of my silly little motivator (right before she let out a loud squeak)!

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