The Mom Files

I was talking to a Mom friend the other day and somehow we started talking about Mom war-stories, so to speak. It then turned into a Jeff Foxworthy type conversation of 'You know you're a redneck Mom when...'. Here are a few of mine...

You know you're a Mom when...
  • the shoulders to all your clothes have spit-up stains or drool marks
  • your 'purse' is now your diaper bag and instead of pulling out the latest shade of lip gloss you're pulling out teething rings and MumMums 
Not my actual diaper bag (mine is worse!)
  • Said MumMum remnants are stuck to everything.you.own
  • bodily fluids are just a part of life. Enough said. 
  • you're idea of spring shopping is buying the baby a new wardrobe and maybe an iced coffee for yourself while you do it.
  • taking a shower (with shampoo and conditioner) in a day is an accomplishment.
  • bonus points if you wear something other than yoga pants and a hoodie.
  •  you constantly have songs like 'The Itsy Bitsy Spider' and the 'Wheels on the Bus' in your head.
  • you catch yourself singing said songs in the car...alone!
  • your friends have blocked your Facebook profile because you clogged their feed with pictures of the babe saying 'No, this one is THE cutest'. Jokes on them, I switched to Instagram! (@jmed21)
  •  you find any possible way to buy the cutest (and very expensive) products for baby like Freshly Picked mocs. These are seriously the most adorable shoes ever! I want some for me!!

we need them in every color!
  • you take out a second job to buy said apparel (see above). Kidding. But I've thought about it.
  • 5am is your new wake-up time. Everyday.of.the.week. And you don't even mind when you see that adorable little face.
  •  a night in with the baby and your man beats any night out on the town. 
  • you now own the entire Disney collection.  
  • you know what a blow-out is. And it has nothing to do with hair.
  • you haven't seen a full TV show or movie in weeks months. 
  • you can no longer watch the news.
  • your daily schedule is based around nap times.
  • you've had your fare share of baby food tastings. And sometimes it's your dinner too.
  • the baby, her room and clothing are the only clean things in the house.
  • every sentence starts with 'today the baby did the cutest thing...'.
  •  your iPhone is maxed out of memory from all the pictures and videos you have of the baby.
  •   you text the Daddy numerous times a day telling him of all the cute things the baby has done. You also text anyone else in your phonebook who will listen.
  • Multi-tasker is your middle name. Who knew you could walk the dog, while feeding the baby and making dinner all at once?!
  • you're the Boss of doing anything with one hand. Cutting a steak, chopping a pineapple, opening jars...no problem! Nothing you can't do with one hand!
  • you rate restaurants and other public places based on how good their changing tables are.
  • you wouldn't trade that old life for your new one. ever.
  • you can love one tiny little being with ALL your heart and completely unconditionally!
I could go on (an on) with a million 'You know your a Mom when...' but I'll stop for now.  I'm sure these are just going to get more interesting (and possibly gross) as the months and years go on. Bring it! There is nothing I would trade for my babe! What are your 'You know your a Mom when...'???

    Wait...this is the cutest picture, ever!


    Live Fit Update- Phase 2

    After 5 weeks, I've finally finished week one of Phase 2 of Jamie Eason's Live Fit Program (LF), wootwoot! Overall I'm feeling great! Not gonna lie, it's been hard, some days harder than others. BUT...I've managed to get 100% of my workouts in! Considering I'm working 40 hours and have a 5 month old, I'm pretty proud of myself! I've still been going at lunch. If I can't go at lunch, I just work through lunch and leave work early to hit the gym, or I have to fit in two workouts into one lunch hour. Best news: I get my gym buddy back next week! YAY!
    Or, in my case, Instagram
    This week was definitely the hardest because it was time to add in cardio, 30 minutes to be exact, plus weights. This is a lot to do in 1 lunch hour but somehow I've managed. I might smell and look like something you'd find on the floor of the gym, but by golly I finished my workout! Lets just say I'm giving a lot of business to Victoria's Secret fragrance line! Today is going to be cray because I'm going to fit in two major workouts into one day...cardio, arms, abs and then legs. Normally, legs would be tomorrow but I have a million and one things to do this weekend and working out is just not going to be one of them. Holly shit I may need someone to carry me out! Wish me luck!
    The workouts, while tough to do and sometimes tough to find time to complete, have been doable. I keep track of what I lift each week and I have definitely increased steadily. Now eating, oh eating...how I loathe thee! I do great sticking to the LF eating plan M-Friday afternoon. Then Friday hits, I'm tired, the week is over, I get lazy and start to make poor choices. I at least try to stick with 'healthier' version of the unhealthy stuff I'm eating...extra large burger but hold the cheese. Ok, so it's not that bad but it's not that good either. I've discovered I am just not the kind of person who can eat whatever and not pay for it. A typical 'good' day goes something like this:

    7AM on my way to work: Egg white casserole that I bake on the weekend. I usually throw whatever fresh veggies I have on hand.
    9AM: Oatmeal (the real stuff, none of the insta crap). This week I made some in the crock pot but didn't have enough oatmeal so I added barley too, some cinnamon, a tad of brown sugar and almond milk. Baked it at night and was ready in the morning. It's damn good. Similar recipe found here.
    11AM: Fat free cottage cheese and 1t organic strawberry jam from Costco. This stuff is legit. It has actual strawberries in it that you can actually taste instead of jiggly gel colored red. Or a strawberry protein shake.
    12PM: I workout! (sung to LMFAO's tune...I'm sexy and I know it)
    1PM: 1/2 can chicken salad with: dill, onion, celery, a tad of low fat mayo and sometimes I'll throw in a chopped apple or pear. A salad and 1/2 serving of organic brown rice that comes in these really convenient microwavable bowls.
    4-5PM: 3 rice cakes, 3 slices of deli meat. Probably not the best choice but usually I'm home by now and the babe wants to play, gotta make dinner, lunches, etc.
    7-9PM: Dinner. We eat late. It's bad for you. I know. But I refuse to cook twice and this just so happens to be the time Ernest gets home and is usually after I put Autumn to bed. I usually have grilled pork chops, salad,  and 1/2 potato. Exciting. Some nights, if I'm not running 15 minutes behind as usual, I'll make something in the crock pot before I leave to work. I seriously don't know why I don't do this every morning because it increases my Autumn time by so much. Morning are tough.
    If we eat towards the 7PM hour, I'll have an egg white casserole slice around 9:30 per the LF plan.

    Now weekend eating goes something like this...
    5AM: Coffee
    8AM: Drool over whatever the Pioneer Woman is making. Coffee
    11AM: Oatmeal. More coffee
    3PM: Iced coffee
    7PM: Once we finally decide what to eat, one of us will go pick it up. Key word being 'pick up'= not so healthy
    Sunday: Repeat
    Diet Staple
    You see where my not losing weight problems are coming from. All my hard work shot in two days. Although, I haven't weighed myself in probably 3 weeks. I was getting discouraged and just decided not to until I finished. I know I am gaining a ton more muscle and toning. My clothes are fitting better and my stomach is starting to shrink. So I'm pretty sure I'm losing inches, if not pounds.
    I've also decided to do The Duke City Half-Marathon in October. Originally I was supposed to do one in May but ya...that ain't gonna happen. I start training with my Aunt the week after Easter. We did the same half-marathon a few months before I got pregnant. It was hard, training was brutal but it felt amazing to complete 13.1 miles! Definitely a runners high! Now I get to include my little boo and finally I get to bust out my jogging stroller!!
    I will be here again, soon!


    Spring has Sprung!

    I am seriously excited about SPRING! I love the start of a new season, it feels like a fresh beginning and rejuvenation. Especially spring, out with the cold weather and in with blooming flowers, little green buds on trees and wind more time spent outdoors.

    When I get home from work, we've been spending our time enjoying the afternoon sun (of course I don't have any pictures of this). Autumn absolutely LOVES being outdoors! The other day she was a little fussy so we just went outside and almost immediately she calmed down and was just taking it all in. She's such a sponge just soaking up absolutely everything around her. Especially Jack, our little Maltese. She is increasingly more interested in him...trying to pull his tail pet him, follows him with her eyes and/or her entire body. It's adorable. Jack on the other hand, not so interested. Unless I'm squeaking Sofie the Giraffe for her, then he's all about it.
    Willing spring weather by wearing sleevless rompers
    Today, after I pick her up from her Great-Aunt's house, we're meeting my mom to go shopping and hit up the new, very large Baby Gap, woot woot! I have been dying to go there! I plan on finding her Easter dress and a pre-Easter dress outfit today. There are so many cute options, it's going to be hard to decide! We have an extremely busy few weeks coming up and won't have time to go again. I'm very fortunate to have two big cake orders in the next two weeks. Next weekend is a 3-tier half chocolate/half white buttercream wedding cake and the other is a mustache themed 2-tier baby shower cake and cupcakes. Seriously so excited for both cakes! This weekend we have a wedding, a baptism, a baby shower, next weekend some cakes, cupcakes, another baby shower, and 2 days of Easter! Better get a big gulp sized iced coffee!
    Bunny ears? Check.
    I started and finished reading Silver Linings Playbook this last weekend. It was amazing! The main character, Pat, after suffering a mental illness is the eternal optimist and see's the silver lining in every situation. If you haven't read this book, run (don't walk) and buy it! I haven't seen the movie yet, but would like to once it's on DVD. Although, I'm not sure it'll live up to the book just from watching the previews, we'll see. Anyways, last week we went to my Uncle Ricky's funeral :( He had been sick for a long time so he's definitely in a much better place, but hard saying good-bye either way. It was a sad day, but thinking about the silver linings, it definitely had a lot. I don't get down to see that side of the family often, especially with Autumn and since it's a few hour drive. It was wonderful because she got to meet her Great Grandpa, Aunt's, Uncles, countless cousins AND her Great-Great-Grandma! Yes, that's right, 5 generations of family! I think that's pretty damn amazing!! My Great-Grandma is 96 years old and still as feisty as a 26 year old! We were on our way out when we went to see my GG to snap some pics, Autumn was crying, we were all tired. My dad got a few pics of Autumn, me, my mom, my Grandma and Great-Grandma before we had to take off. When we got home, my mom started looking through her phone and NONE of the pictures took!!! Nooooooo! We have no clue what happened and were all so sad, but we'll just have to go visit again very soon!
    Soooo early in the am!
    Now if only our NM weather would get the memo that spring is here and hop to it! Bring on the sunshine!

    Poor babe was so tired she fell asleep like this. Comfy.


    St. Patrick's Day

    Happy St. Patty's Day! My autocorrect keeps changing it to St. Party's Day! Coincidence?! I think not! Ok, so I'm going to let you in on a secret...I'm not a huge St. Patrick's Day fan. Shoot me. It's never really been my thing. But I am trying to embrace it for Autumn's sake. Even though she doesn't have a clue what's going on! She's still rocking not one, but two Patty Day outfits! Thanks to her grandparents.
    Outfit #1
    I made green pancakes and updated my chalkboard. I did my part. I thought of tinting her bottle green but I'm not sure if food coloring is safe for babies. Oh well, next year I'll go all out!!
    my pancakes always come out weird and with lots of bubbles. I'm at a loss.
    Last year for St. P's Day it was one that I will never forget. It's rare I remember days so clearly, especially ones that take place 365 days later. But this one sticks out. I was already about 11 weeks pregnant. And every pregnant woman's worst nightmare happened. We thought we lost the baby. Long story short, it was the most agonizing 72 hours of my life. After many, many prayers, they were answered when an ultrasound confirmed our little boo was safe and sound. THANK GOD! I have never felt such an enormous amount of relief, joy, happiness, rainbows, glitter and unicorns.
    I held Autumn extra close today. She wanted to nap in my arms and I let her. All 3 glorious hours.
    Today, 365 days after the worst day of my life I feel especially lucky as I hold a happy, healthy, beautiful, precious, adorable little ray of sunshine. She is the light of my life. I never felt so lucky as when I saw that little flickering heartbeat that fateful day. Autumn was a surprise in our life, but she was meant to be our daughter. She has changed me, Ernest and our lives forever. She is my everything. She makes me a better person. I will forever be thankful to God for putting this miracle into our arms. She is my little lucky charm.
    I love her so much!
    They are testing the waters out with each other

    We brought the party to us last night. UFC fights, stroller and beer. Classy


    22 Weeks

    Is it bad that I am now using my weekly The Bump emails to remind me which week we're on?! That question pretty much sums up the craziness that has been life lately. Oh, and pregnancy brain does NOT end when you are no longer pregnant. I was warned but had no idea how bad it'd be. The other night Ernest was reminding me of something I agreed to and I literally had no clue what he was talking about! He had to recap our entire conversation for the faintest recollection to start re-appearing. Oops!
    she is outgrowing everything!
    Enough about that...this last week has been cray cray! With a never-ending pile of work, trying to do our taxes, working on a photoshoot for jem cakes (you can check more about this exciting news soon on jem cakes blog), trying to get to my 'I'll do it later list' and caring for a very teethy baby...life has been a whirlwind! But in a great way! I kind of thrive on being super busy so this is right up my alley. Except for teething, that should never be on anyone's list!
    I've had this since before I had Autumn and 5-1/2 months later I finally put it together! Now to hang it before another 5 months passes...
    Poor little babe was so miserable this past weekend. We had lots of plans for Saturday but ended up staying home and just cuddling on the couch, which also kept us out of the nasty weather we had. She was super fussy, would only nap if we were holding her and was just not her happy normal self. Sunday night was even worse! Not only were we adjusting to the time change, but Autumn also woke up from 12-1:30, then 4am til 5:30am. She was so unhappy, fussy and nothing seemed to make her feel better. Finally Ernest was able to get her to sleep then had to wake her up when he had to go to work. Needless to say, we were all dragging ass yesterday! Last night was a God send tho...she slept from 8pm until 6:30am!!! What a relief! And more than that, she was feeling much better yesterday afternoon and this morning. I hate to see her so miserable :(
    Poor babe after a very restless nap
    Me: Monday morning.
    Autumn has found a remedy for her teething...her TOES!!! They are by far her favorite teether. It's seriously the cutest thing ever. I have a few hundred pictures of her with foot in mouth. I can't wait to embarrass her with these someday! Just kidding...maybe.

    She also went horseback riding this weekend. That is, on her stuffed rocking horse that nays and gallops. She loved it! Her G-Gramps Eddie bought her this horse. She galloped. She clenched the reins. She ate the horses hair. Go figure.
    This big grin shines up any old day! I just love this little munchkin!
    so happy
    little 80's workout queen
    Sleepy littles

    Enjoying some beautiful weather and catching some rays with Grandma K
    I finally got around to cleaning out her closet after the last few outfits I put on her were fitting her more like shorts rather than pants. It's officially time to retire her 0-3 month and 3 month outfits. I'm pretty sure I may be in serious denial about how big she is actually getting seeing that I was squeezing her pudgy little foot into newborn socks! 'Seriously Mama, I'm a big girl now!' I've got a lot of empty hangers...you know what that means? Shopping spree!

    First time in her jumper and she had tons of fun! So much that she looked like this aferwards:

    Today is also a bittersweet day...it's the day I've decided to stop pumping. With an already low supply, the past few weeks it has been dipping even lower. I barely get anything anymore so I decided it was just time to move on. It makes me very sad and I've been agonizing over it for a long time, but I am also a little bit relieved. I know I tried my hardest to pump for as long as I could but it just isn't feasible anymore. She is a healthy, happy baby and that's all that matters.


    Happy 5 Month Birthday Autumn!

    My sweet little, fluffy haired, squeaking, silly little girl is a whopping 5 MONTHS old! WOW! How time has flown! All in one moment it feels like she was just born yesterday but also feels like a lifetime ago. She has changed so much in the last 5 months, hell just in the last few weeks!
    Her hair is epic
    Autumn currently...

    Height: Stretching like Jack and the Beanstock. This girl is seriously so tall! At her 4 month appt. she was in the 96th percentile for height and I don't think that's changed. She fits into 3 month clothes still...if they don't have feetsies (yes, that's a technical term). Otherwise she's busting out of them. 3-6 or even 6 month clothes fit better length wise but are big everywhere else.
    She always has her legs crossed like this
    Weight: Not sure. But based on the killer biceps I'm getting, I'd say 14lbs+
    I tried and tried to upload this picture right side up. Failed.
    Eating: She's tried avocado, sweet potatoes, bananas, apples and green beans. Plus the usual oatmeal cereal. She's loved everything except for green beans. I think the texture freaks her out. Her favorite is probably sweet potatoes. We're still going all organic too, woot! She's definitely taking fewer bottles but sometimes, especially in the evenings she'd rather have a bottle than eat. I think she just gets sleepy or something. I'm still a pumping fool so she gets about 2 bottles a day of breastmilk and the rest is Earths Best Organic Soy Formula. Sometimes she throws a fit when we put her in the highchair. I'm talking full on arching her back, turning her head, bratty little fit. But if she's not in it, she'll eat fine. I hope she grows out of that!
    Oh, and she eats donuts. Daddy's donut addiction...
    Sleep: She goes to bed between 7:30-8pm after a bath, a baby massage, some tummy time and a bottle. She usually sleeps until 3 or 4am, gets a bottle and diaper change, then back to bed. She either wakes up at 5am (gasp) or 6:30am. This is not an exact science and pretty much every night is just a little different.

    Activity: She loves playing with her toys! She has a million and a half to choose from. Her hand eye coordination has soared lately and she's able to switch hands with the same object and can get it into her mouth. Sometimes she gets super frustrated though if she can't get something in her mouth, pretty hilarious. Loves her play mat, chairs, strollers and her mobile! She still makes the craziest-dinosaur-sounding squeaks, its soooo funny! She loves when we sing to her and do the alphabet, especially in sign language. Probably because I look like a baboon flailing my hands. Her new noise is a grunting that Ernest calls her 'wood-chopping lawn mower' (makes no sense, I know) but she sounds like a defective piece of yard equipment! Still isn't a fan of tummy time :(. She can almost situp, at least for a few seconds before she topples over and starts laughing. She is super ticklish and has the cutest grin and giggles! She's rolled over a few times, but it freaks her out. Her arms flail, her eyes get wide and she freezes. LOL. In her own time it'll happen...
    Sitting up for a flash
    OH, and...she got her ears pierced! I had a business meeting last Saturday and a hair color appointment so it was a Daddy-baby day. Ernest went to get a haircut at his Grandma's salon where they do piercings. I had a feeling he may get them pierced but he hadn't mentioned it. I was not a strong advocate for getting them pierced, it just seems mean and I couldn't stand watching her in pain. Ernest thought, might as well get them done while she's young and won't remember the pain for too long. I said he could do it if he wanted but didn't want anything to do with it. So I was shocked when he sent me a pic of my sweet little angel with some rocking bling in her ears! She cried for a minute, then was fine. Pretty much took it like a champ. I have to say, she does look pretty freakin adorable in them!
    Right after her ears were pierced. Her expresion is priceless!
    This little girl brings so much joy, laughter and love to her Daddy and I...and all her wonderful family! These have been the best 5 months of my life and it's just going to keep getting better!

    Oops, cloth diaper peeking through
    Being a silly girl 'reading' aka eating all the pages and getting caught
    her face is so funny here, like what the hell Mama?!
    Saturday mornings are our favorites!
    Faux hawk
    Autumn Airplane
    Autumn managed to wiggle herself so her head was in the seat of her carseat. She is the reason harnesses were made!

    She melts my heart! I love her so much!