22 Weeks

Is it bad that I am now using my weekly The Bump emails to remind me which week we're on?! That question pretty much sums up the craziness that has been life lately. Oh, and pregnancy brain does NOT end when you are no longer pregnant. I was warned but had no idea how bad it'd be. The other night Ernest was reminding me of something I agreed to and I literally had no clue what he was talking about! He had to recap our entire conversation for the faintest recollection to start re-appearing. Oops!
she is outgrowing everything!
Enough about that...this last week has been cray cray! With a never-ending pile of work, trying to do our taxes, working on a photoshoot for jem cakes (you can check more about this exciting news soon on jem cakes blog), trying to get to my 'I'll do it later list' and caring for a very teethy baby...life has been a whirlwind! But in a great way! I kind of thrive on being super busy so this is right up my alley. Except for teething, that should never be on anyone's list!
I've had this since before I had Autumn and 5-1/2 months later I finally put it together! Now to hang it before another 5 months passes...
Poor little babe was so miserable this past weekend. We had lots of plans for Saturday but ended up staying home and just cuddling on the couch, which also kept us out of the nasty weather we had. She was super fussy, would only nap if we were holding her and was just not her happy normal self. Sunday night was even worse! Not only were we adjusting to the time change, but Autumn also woke up from 12-1:30, then 4am til 5:30am. She was so unhappy, fussy and nothing seemed to make her feel better. Finally Ernest was able to get her to sleep then had to wake her up when he had to go to work. Needless to say, we were all dragging ass yesterday! Last night was a God send tho...she slept from 8pm until 6:30am!!! What a relief! And more than that, she was feeling much better yesterday afternoon and this morning. I hate to see her so miserable :(
Poor babe after a very restless nap
Me: Monday morning.
Autumn has found a remedy for her teething...her TOES!!! They are by far her favorite teether. It's seriously the cutest thing ever. I have a few hundred pictures of her with foot in mouth. I can't wait to embarrass her with these someday! Just kidding...maybe.

She also went horseback riding this weekend. That is, on her stuffed rocking horse that nays and gallops. She loved it! Her G-Gramps Eddie bought her this horse. She galloped. She clenched the reins. She ate the horses hair. Go figure.
This big grin shines up any old day! I just love this little munchkin!
so happy
little 80's workout queen
Sleepy littles

Enjoying some beautiful weather and catching some rays with Grandma K
I finally got around to cleaning out her closet after the last few outfits I put on her were fitting her more like shorts rather than pants. It's officially time to retire her 0-3 month and 3 month outfits. I'm pretty sure I may be in serious denial about how big she is actually getting seeing that I was squeezing her pudgy little foot into newborn socks! 'Seriously Mama, I'm a big girl now!' I've got a lot of empty hangers...you know what that means? Shopping spree!

First time in her jumper and she had tons of fun! So much that she looked like this aferwards:

Today is also a bittersweet day...it's the day I've decided to stop pumping. With an already low supply, the past few weeks it has been dipping even lower. I barely get anything anymore so I decided it was just time to move on. It makes me very sad and I've been agonizing over it for a long time, but I am also a little bit relieved. I know I tried my hardest to pump for as long as I could but it just isn't feasible anymore. She is a healthy, happy baby and that's all that matters.

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