Happy 5 Month Birthday Autumn!

My sweet little, fluffy haired, squeaking, silly little girl is a whopping 5 MONTHS old! WOW! How time has flown! All in one moment it feels like she was just born yesterday but also feels like a lifetime ago. She has changed so much in the last 5 months, hell just in the last few weeks!
Her hair is epic
Autumn currently...

Height: Stretching like Jack and the Beanstock. This girl is seriously so tall! At her 4 month appt. she was in the 96th percentile for height and I don't think that's changed. She fits into 3 month clothes still...if they don't have feetsies (yes, that's a technical term). Otherwise she's busting out of them. 3-6 or even 6 month clothes fit better length wise but are big everywhere else.
She always has her legs crossed like this
Weight: Not sure. But based on the killer biceps I'm getting, I'd say 14lbs+
I tried and tried to upload this picture right side up. Failed.
Eating: She's tried avocado, sweet potatoes, bananas, apples and green beans. Plus the usual oatmeal cereal. She's loved everything except for green beans. I think the texture freaks her out. Her favorite is probably sweet potatoes. We're still going all organic too, woot! She's definitely taking fewer bottles but sometimes, especially in the evenings she'd rather have a bottle than eat. I think she just gets sleepy or something. I'm still a pumping fool so she gets about 2 bottles a day of breastmilk and the rest is Earths Best Organic Soy Formula. Sometimes she throws a fit when we put her in the highchair. I'm talking full on arching her back, turning her head, bratty little fit. But if she's not in it, she'll eat fine. I hope she grows out of that!
Oh, and she eats donuts. Daddy's donut addiction...
Sleep: She goes to bed between 7:30-8pm after a bath, a baby massage, some tummy time and a bottle. She usually sleeps until 3 or 4am, gets a bottle and diaper change, then back to bed. She either wakes up at 5am (gasp) or 6:30am. This is not an exact science and pretty much every night is just a little different.

Activity: She loves playing with her toys! She has a million and a half to choose from. Her hand eye coordination has soared lately and she's able to switch hands with the same object and can get it into her mouth. Sometimes she gets super frustrated though if she can't get something in her mouth, pretty hilarious. Loves her play mat, chairs, strollers and her mobile! She still makes the craziest-dinosaur-sounding squeaks, its soooo funny! She loves when we sing to her and do the alphabet, especially in sign language. Probably because I look like a baboon flailing my hands. Her new noise is a grunting that Ernest calls her 'wood-chopping lawn mower' (makes no sense, I know) but she sounds like a defective piece of yard equipment! Still isn't a fan of tummy time :(. She can almost situp, at least for a few seconds before she topples over and starts laughing. She is super ticklish and has the cutest grin and giggles! She's rolled over a few times, but it freaks her out. Her arms flail, her eyes get wide and she freezes. LOL. In her own time it'll happen...
Sitting up for a flash
OH, and...she got her ears pierced! I had a business meeting last Saturday and a hair color appointment so it was a Daddy-baby day. Ernest went to get a haircut at his Grandma's salon where they do piercings. I had a feeling he may get them pierced but he hadn't mentioned it. I was not a strong advocate for getting them pierced, it just seems mean and I couldn't stand watching her in pain. Ernest thought, might as well get them done while she's young and won't remember the pain for too long. I said he could do it if he wanted but didn't want anything to do with it. So I was shocked when he sent me a pic of my sweet little angel with some rocking bling in her ears! She cried for a minute, then was fine. Pretty much took it like a champ. I have to say, she does look pretty freakin adorable in them!
Right after her ears were pierced. Her expresion is priceless!
This little girl brings so much joy, laughter and love to her Daddy and I...and all her wonderful family! These have been the best 5 months of my life and it's just going to keep getting better!

Oops, cloth diaper peeking through
Being a silly girl 'reading' aka eating all the pages and getting caught
her face is so funny here, like what the hell Mama?!
Saturday mornings are our favorites!
Faux hawk
Autumn Airplane
Autumn managed to wiggle herself so her head was in the seat of her carseat. She is the reason harnesses were made!

She melts my heart! I love her so much!

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  1. So cute!!! Loved reading all about Autumn!