Happy Tuesday!

I rarely say that, because lets face it, who like's Tuesday's? But today is special because it's my parents 30th Anniversary! Holy H-Bomb that's a long time! It's rare these days to find almost anyone married this long anymore. Everyday they make me proud to be their daughter. I see their love has grown stronger over the years. To 30 more years!

And, I'm super excited today because I found the perfect Easter basket for Autumn that I've been in search for! When I was growing up, my great-grandma made me the most adorable Easter basket that I used every single year...until I was too cool to go hunting for eggs. Even though I totally wish I could hunt for Easter eggs now! So the basket, was a bunny and it's tummy was basically the basket. So it's head and ears stuck out one end and the feet and tail were on the other end. It was like a stuffed animal hugging a basket. It was purple and plush, absolutely one of my favorite memories from my childhood. Sadly, I haven't been able to find said basket to pass down to Autumn. I have been too lazy and haven't had time to search the storage unit for it. BUT...after much internet searching, I found a great first basket for her. It's not exactly like the one I had but it's pretty damn cute. Plus she probably wouldn't want Mama's tatty old basket. So to begin new traditions, Autumn has her very own plush bunny Easter basket. I can't wait until she's old enough to actually love it as much as I do! Now to begin filling it with goodies, I have tons of stuff in mind! Shoulda bought two...or four!
Autumn's new Easter basket!

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