Live Fit Update- Phase 2

After 5 weeks, I've finally finished week one of Phase 2 of Jamie Eason's Live Fit Program (LF), wootwoot! Overall I'm feeling great! Not gonna lie, it's been hard, some days harder than others. BUT...I've managed to get 100% of my workouts in! Considering I'm working 40 hours and have a 5 month old, I'm pretty proud of myself! I've still been going at lunch. If I can't go at lunch, I just work through lunch and leave work early to hit the gym, or I have to fit in two workouts into one lunch hour. Best news: I get my gym buddy back next week! YAY!
Or, in my case, Instagram
This week was definitely the hardest because it was time to add in cardio, 30 minutes to be exact, plus weights. This is a lot to do in 1 lunch hour but somehow I've managed. I might smell and look like something you'd find on the floor of the gym, but by golly I finished my workout! Lets just say I'm giving a lot of business to Victoria's Secret fragrance line! Today is going to be cray because I'm going to fit in two major workouts into one day...cardio, arms, abs and then legs. Normally, legs would be tomorrow but I have a million and one things to do this weekend and working out is just not going to be one of them. Holly shit I may need someone to carry me out! Wish me luck!
The workouts, while tough to do and sometimes tough to find time to complete, have been doable. I keep track of what I lift each week and I have definitely increased steadily. Now eating, oh eating...how I loathe thee! I do great sticking to the LF eating plan M-Friday afternoon. Then Friday hits, I'm tired, the week is over, I get lazy and start to make poor choices. I at least try to stick with 'healthier' version of the unhealthy stuff I'm eating...extra large burger but hold the cheese. Ok, so it's not that bad but it's not that good either. I've discovered I am just not the kind of person who can eat whatever and not pay for it. A typical 'good' day goes something like this:

7AM on my way to work: Egg white casserole that I bake on the weekend. I usually throw whatever fresh veggies I have on hand.
9AM: Oatmeal (the real stuff, none of the insta crap). This week I made some in the crock pot but didn't have enough oatmeal so I added barley too, some cinnamon, a tad of brown sugar and almond milk. Baked it at night and was ready in the morning. It's damn good. Similar recipe found here.
11AM: Fat free cottage cheese and 1t organic strawberry jam from Costco. This stuff is legit. It has actual strawberries in it that you can actually taste instead of jiggly gel colored red. Or a strawberry protein shake.
12PM: I workout! (sung to LMFAO's tune...I'm sexy and I know it)
1PM: 1/2 can chicken salad with: dill, onion, celery, a tad of low fat mayo and sometimes I'll throw in a chopped apple or pear. A salad and 1/2 serving of organic brown rice that comes in these really convenient microwavable bowls.
4-5PM: 3 rice cakes, 3 slices of deli meat. Probably not the best choice but usually I'm home by now and the babe wants to play, gotta make dinner, lunches, etc.
7-9PM: Dinner. We eat late. It's bad for you. I know. But I refuse to cook twice and this just so happens to be the time Ernest gets home and is usually after I put Autumn to bed. I usually have grilled pork chops, salad,  and 1/2 potato. Exciting. Some nights, if I'm not running 15 minutes behind as usual, I'll make something in the crock pot before I leave to work. I seriously don't know why I don't do this every morning because it increases my Autumn time by so much. Morning are tough.
If we eat towards the 7PM hour, I'll have an egg white casserole slice around 9:30 per the LF plan.

Now weekend eating goes something like this...
5AM: Coffee
8AM: Drool over whatever the Pioneer Woman is making. Coffee
11AM: Oatmeal. More coffee
3PM: Iced coffee
7PM: Once we finally decide what to eat, one of us will go pick it up. Key word being 'pick up'= not so healthy
Sunday: Repeat
Diet Staple
You see where my not losing weight problems are coming from. All my hard work shot in two days. Although, I haven't weighed myself in probably 3 weeks. I was getting discouraged and just decided not to until I finished. I know I am gaining a ton more muscle and toning. My clothes are fitting better and my stomach is starting to shrink. So I'm pretty sure I'm losing inches, if not pounds.
I've also decided to do The Duke City Half-Marathon in October. Originally I was supposed to do one in May but ya...that ain't gonna happen. I start training with my Aunt the week after Easter. We did the same half-marathon a few months before I got pregnant. It was hard, training was brutal but it felt amazing to complete 13.1 miles! Definitely a runners high! Now I get to include my little boo and finally I get to bust out my jogging stroller!!
I will be here again, soon!

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