Spring has Sprung!

I am seriously excited about SPRING! I love the start of a new season, it feels like a fresh beginning and rejuvenation. Especially spring, out with the cold weather and in with blooming flowers, little green buds on trees and wind more time spent outdoors.

When I get home from work, we've been spending our time enjoying the afternoon sun (of course I don't have any pictures of this). Autumn absolutely LOVES being outdoors! The other day she was a little fussy so we just went outside and almost immediately she calmed down and was just taking it all in. She's such a sponge just soaking up absolutely everything around her. Especially Jack, our little Maltese. She is increasingly more interested in him...trying to pull his tail pet him, follows him with her eyes and/or her entire body. It's adorable. Jack on the other hand, not so interested. Unless I'm squeaking Sofie the Giraffe for her, then he's all about it.
Willing spring weather by wearing sleevless rompers
Today, after I pick her up from her Great-Aunt's house, we're meeting my mom to go shopping and hit up the new, very large Baby Gap, woot woot! I have been dying to go there! I plan on finding her Easter dress and a pre-Easter dress outfit today. There are so many cute options, it's going to be hard to decide! We have an extremely busy few weeks coming up and won't have time to go again. I'm very fortunate to have two big cake orders in the next two weeks. Next weekend is a 3-tier half chocolate/half white buttercream wedding cake and the other is a mustache themed 2-tier baby shower cake and cupcakes. Seriously so excited for both cakes! This weekend we have a wedding, a baptism, a baby shower, next weekend some cakes, cupcakes, another baby shower, and 2 days of Easter! Better get a big gulp sized iced coffee!
Bunny ears? Check.
I started and finished reading Silver Linings Playbook this last weekend. It was amazing! The main character, Pat, after suffering a mental illness is the eternal optimist and see's the silver lining in every situation. If you haven't read this book, run (don't walk) and buy it! I haven't seen the movie yet, but would like to once it's on DVD. Although, I'm not sure it'll live up to the book just from watching the previews, we'll see. Anyways, last week we went to my Uncle Ricky's funeral :( He had been sick for a long time so he's definitely in a much better place, but hard saying good-bye either way. It was a sad day, but thinking about the silver linings, it definitely had a lot. I don't get down to see that side of the family often, especially with Autumn and since it's a few hour drive. It was wonderful because she got to meet her Great Grandpa, Aunt's, Uncles, countless cousins AND her Great-Great-Grandma! Yes, that's right, 5 generations of family! I think that's pretty damn amazing!! My Great-Grandma is 96 years old and still as feisty as a 26 year old! We were on our way out when we went to see my GG to snap some pics, Autumn was crying, we were all tired. My dad got a few pics of Autumn, me, my mom, my Grandma and Great-Grandma before we had to take off. When we got home, my mom started looking through her phone and NONE of the pictures took!!! Nooooooo! We have no clue what happened and were all so sad, but we'll just have to go visit again very soon!
Soooo early in the am!
Now if only our NM weather would get the memo that spring is here and hop to it! Bring on the sunshine!

Poor babe was so tired she fell asleep like this. Comfy.

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