St. Patrick's Day

Happy St. Patty's Day! My autocorrect keeps changing it to St. Party's Day! Coincidence?! I think not! Ok, so I'm going to let you in on a secret...I'm not a huge St. Patrick's Day fan. Shoot me. It's never really been my thing. But I am trying to embrace it for Autumn's sake. Even though she doesn't have a clue what's going on! She's still rocking not one, but two Patty Day outfits! Thanks to her grandparents.
Outfit #1
I made green pancakes and updated my chalkboard. I did my part. I thought of tinting her bottle green but I'm not sure if food coloring is safe for babies. Oh well, next year I'll go all out!!
my pancakes always come out weird and with lots of bubbles. I'm at a loss.
Last year for St. P's Day it was one that I will never forget. It's rare I remember days so clearly, especially ones that take place 365 days later. But this one sticks out. I was already about 11 weeks pregnant. And every pregnant woman's worst nightmare happened. We thought we lost the baby. Long story short, it was the most agonizing 72 hours of my life. After many, many prayers, they were answered when an ultrasound confirmed our little boo was safe and sound. THANK GOD! I have never felt such an enormous amount of relief, joy, happiness, rainbows, glitter and unicorns.
I held Autumn extra close today. She wanted to nap in my arms and I let her. All 3 glorious hours.
Today, 365 days after the worst day of my life I feel especially lucky as I hold a happy, healthy, beautiful, precious, adorable little ray of sunshine. She is the light of my life. I never felt so lucky as when I saw that little flickering heartbeat that fateful day. Autumn was a surprise in our life, but she was meant to be our daughter. She has changed me, Ernest and our lives forever. She is my everything. She makes me a better person. I will forever be thankful to God for putting this miracle into our arms. She is my little lucky charm.
I love her so much!
They are testing the waters out with each other

We brought the party to us last night. UFC fights, stroller and beer. Classy


  1. I love the chalkboard & the pancakes!! Yummy & fun!! I also love the little earrings those are darling.

    1. Thanks Katie!! Yup, she's officially a big girl with her little earrings! Eeeee!