28 Weeks

My oh my, where are the weeks going?! They're going by so fast that I'm slacking on our weekly updates, which is much harder getting done than I imagined! But it'll be so worth it once we hit that one year mark and can look back at each week.

We're still recovering from our trip to Colorado. Ok, maybe I'm the only one recovering still because its been one hectic week! With multiple deadlines at work and a new babysitting routine, it's been a bit of a long short week!

Ernest's Aunt Lucy was watching Autumn for us 2 days a week but a few weeks ago, we found out she has kidney cancer. Immediately she was no longer able to watch the babe. It makes us so sad for many reasons, but we're optimistic the doctors can treat her cancer so she makes a full recovery! In the meantime, we have been playing musical chairs babysitters between my family and mostly Ernest's. His Mom has been our savior!! She meets Ernest's halfway in the morning to get Autumn and I meet her after work. While the driving back and forth isn't ideal, it beats the alternate...daycare! While this shuffling isn't a permanent solution, it's the best we have come up with right now. We're exploring me possibly going part-time but the timing isn't great at work. We are super swamped and basically I haven't mustered up the courage to ask my boss. Needless to say, we've I've been a little stressed.
all business in the mornings
What makes my stress go away??? This face!!! She makes me so incredibly happy! One look at her and I just melt and everything else just melts away!

Autumn lately...she is trying out every new sound she can think of, yells as the top of her lungs, blows raspberries that leaves everything in a 5 foot radius soaked, and is rolling around/attempting to crawl. Ok, maybe not crawl but she gets on her arms and scoots herself backwards. She's quite talented! I put down my crazy 'she can't get messy' flag and let her feed herself some tiny bits of avocado. Mostly she just smeared it all over her highchair tray and got zero pieces in her mouth. It was entertaining watching her tho and she loved getting messy!
Avocado eating babe
Yesterday she helped Grandma Kathleen celebrate her birthday. We got her a collage picture frame filled with all Autumn pics (obviously) and I made the best caramel popcorn in the world. We also have another special gift for bday dinner this weekend. Grandma K and Autumn have so much fun together! Yesterday she got a new hairdo...pigtails!!!! I nearly keeled over and died of cuteness overload when I saw her! I think she looks like Boo from Monsters Inc. (but cuter!).
She has the silliest expressions

I die. SO cute!
As the days go by Autumn gets bigger, more silly, happier, cuter, funnier, and more and more loved! I keep telling myself 'this is the best age' and right now, this has been the best age! I love you to the moon...muah!!!

Right after this pic she toppled and hit her head on the chalkboard :( #worstmomaward #shewasfine