A Trip to Colorado

We survived! Ok, we more than survived, we had an awesome time in Colorado!

Autumn did great on the car ride going to CO (this was not the case on the way home!)!! She slept, ate, played and stared at Ernest's friend for about 6 hours. She'd grunt everytime he wasn't looking just so he'd talk to her. Saturday we settled in then went for a drive to the mountains where my Uncle would be running the next day. He wanted to check the trail for snow because there were some serious snow clouds looming around all day. It was a beautiful drive, all of which Autumn missed because she was sleeping. We went out to eat dinner at Cheddar's (this place is amazing! The honey-butter croissants are like heaven in your mouth!) and Autumn did great. Until I realized what time it was and that we hadn't even received our food and it was past her bedtime! Major 'oops'! She did great but then was about to have a meltdown of the century so I took two bites of my meal and shoved an entire croissant in my mouth before I had to take her out.
Slept most of the way to CO
Oh just some deer crossing the road
I packed like a madwoman in order to make our stay as 'homelike' as possible. I'm talking sound machine, lavender, swaddle, etc. etc. etc. I even oriented her pack-n-play in the same direction as her crib, crazy I know. Well...none of it helped! Poor babe was up every hour or so. I was trying so hard to keep her from waking everyone up, especially my Uncle since he had a half-marathon to run. So about 2am I put her in bed with me, we cuddled, she had a bottle and thank the stars she finally fell asleep until 7! I totally went against my diet and had several cups of coffee with lots of yummy creamer in the morning. It was a coffee emergency!
I LOVED waking up next to her!
The actual race was awesome! It was up in the mountains and was the perfect day! A little chilly but overall sunny. We watched my uncle take off then took a little hike. Autumn had so much fun looking around. She's such a sponge just taking everything in!

We crashed their 22nd Anniversary!

he killed it! Go Uncle Ty!

That's Autumn napping under all that blanket. It was cold! 
Becoming one with nature. Did I mention we had a lot of waiting time?!
 We also had an impromptu photoshoot. Racquel brought her awesome camera and talent, we laid out a blanket and sat Autumn down. This girl is such a ham and was just flirting with that camera! Although, she has this new thing of biting her bottom lip so we couldn't get any pictures where she didn't have lip in mouth. Oh well because these pics came out so cute!!! She took the longest nap ever while we were there. Must have been all the trees and stream! My Uncle did great in his race! Seriously he's a champ because the course was gangsta! I am contemplating doing a 5k there next year, we shall see...

 Later that day, and several cups of coffee later, my cousin Racquel and I went to IKEA! I resisted my strong urge to just take a nap and we headed to Denver instead...well worth it!
Ikea is super dangerous for me (ok, what store isn't?!) so I had my list ready to go so I wouldn't just throw everything I saw into my cart. I half succeeded. I only threw half of what I saw into my cart. Win! I got this amazing rug!
I cannot wait to put it in our living room tonight. I also got some storage containers for Autumn's drawers, which I'm so sad to say they are too long, noooo! So sad! I'll figure some use for them though. I also got some random kitchen stuff, a book for Autumn and a new bath for her too. It was a good thing I was limited by the car size otherwise I would have bought a ton more!

 The trip home...it was a little rough. Poor babe was so over being in her car seat that she was just fussy to begin with. We had to stop SIX times to change her and every time we'd put her back in her seat she'd get fussy again. All in all though, she did awesome! Really, who likes to spend 6 hours in a car? Nobody!
The before and after picture. Going to CO. Coming Home. LOL
We had such a great time in Colorado visiting the fam, soaking up nature and taking Autumn on new adventures! I see many more trips in our future! Daddy was extra excited to see her since this was his first time apart from her since she was born! We were pretty excited to see him too!
This is my favorite picture of her. She is SOOOO silly!!!

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