Easter Weekend

That's right, Easter Weekend! We spent two days celebrating Easter. The first was with my family in Santa Fe because my Aunt Joyce, Uncle Ty and cousin Racquel came all the way from Colorado Springs to spend a few hours with little Autumn. That's one special girl!

We had some BBQ, cake, hid some eggs and spent a lovely afternoon on the porch. My cousin and I also braved a Target run for some last minute gifts. It was a zoo there! They were completely out of basket grass but luckily someone left some in the baby section so I snagged it up! I picked up some super cute goodies for Autumn's Easter basket and the contents to stuff Ernest's Man Basket. Oh, and the ingredients to make Easter Popcorn (more about this later).

I got the idea for the Man Basket from Little Baby Garvin. It was an absolute hit! Ernest had just been talking about how he missed getting Easter baskets filled with goodies and how he wishes he was still a kid (wake up Peter Pan!). I picked him up a 6 pack of Blue Moon, Reece's eggs, beef jerkey, a Snickers, Sweet Tart Easter chicks, Gardeto's and flaming hot mega mix. I taped some green grass to the beer box, took out two beers and stuffed more grass to the inside. I stuffed all the goodies into the box and finished the bottles off with some bunny ears. I gave him his basket on Saturday night so he could enjoy the beer. He absolutely loved his basket!!! I thought he might cry he was so excited! HA! No tears were shed, but he was more excited than a kid in a candy store!

We decorated some Easter eggs Saturday night with Autumn. She was already tired by this point but we were rebels and did it anyways. We sat her in her Bumpo and first thing she did was swipe at the bowl of iced water and eggs and tipped over the bowl. Fail! Luckily none of the eggs were broken, but there was water everywhere! Shortly after she had a major meltdown. Somehow we managed to finish coloring eggs.

The calm before the storm of her dumping the eggs and having a meltdown
Sunday morning the Easter bunny left her a table full of goodies! Apparently the Easter bunny didn't get the memo that I bought the.smallest.basket.ever. Oh well, it's too damn cute that I don't care.  I don't know if it was too early for my little bunny or what, but she was not interested in her stuff.  Oh, well, next year.

Sunday we went to Ernest's families house and my parents joined in on the fun too. It was such a perfect day! The weather was so nice and warm and it didn't get windy until later afternoon (this is a shock for NM in the spring!). We had lunch on the patio, searched for eggs (twice!), and took Autumn all around the big ole country yard. We're talking down home country. She was the cows, baby calf, the tractor, a woodpecker and lots of birds. I cannot even express how much this girl loves the outdoors. She LOVES being outside! We just popped her into the stroller, bunny ears in place, sunglasses on and this girl was ready to roll.

The family that sunglasses together, stays together
Ok, this is THE best stuff ever! I could have seriously eaten the entire thing by myself. Luckily we had a lot of people to share it with and I didn't bring any home! I found the recipe on Pinterest for Easter Popcorn. It's basically popcorn (duh), chopped up pretzels, a sugar, vanilla, cream, marshmallow gooey goodness and pretzel M&M's. And a couple drops of food coloring to add that 'Easterness'. Decadent huh? And oh so yummy!
Autumn got some serious loot for Easter! Her Auntie Allison and cousins Juliana and Victoria gave her a huge basket filled with tons of clothes from Baby Gap and Carters. SO adorable! Her other Great-Aunt Joyce and Carol also got her some adorable outfits and an outfit perfect for next Easter! We had a ton of other stuff from the rest of the family too. This girl is sooooo loved!

Easter has never been on my top list of holidays, but this Easter was one for the books. Autumn makes every day, especially holiday's, that much better. There is just so much love, joy and positive energy that surrounds her at all times!

All her new Easter clothes!

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