Gabby Gab + 6 Month Stats

Autumn had her 6 Month appointment yesterday and it went pretty well. She was talking up a storm while we were waiting! And then when the doctor went in she wanted nothing to do with him except to grab all of his equipment. Shots were of course, well shots. This was the first appointment I had to take her to solo and it was rough! I hate, hate, hate seeing her get shots. Poor babe. Other than that, she did great!
We had a long wait so we were taking some shameless selfies!
Height: 28-1/2" (75th Percentile)
Weight: 15lbs 9.9oz (50th Percentile)

Pretty much, she is built like her Daddy...tall and lean!
poor booboo
Autumn slept on the way home and for a while after but once she was up, you would never have known she had shots because she was little miss chatty Kathy gab-gab-gabbing away!

Oh, and this is what happens when you let the Daddy dress the baby...she ends up in a St. Patrick's Day outfit in APRIL! LOL. 

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