Happy Half-Birthday!

I could gush forever about how I can't believe my little Autumn is 6 MONTHS old! It's blowing my mind! This little girl is such a joy and is sooooo much fun! I think this may be the funnest age thus far!
Always the fashionista
Autumn is rolling over, scooting herself on her back (that's some real talent), and sitting up with some pillow help. She does pretty good sitting by herself but it doesn't last too long and before we know it she's in 'childspose'. Everyday she gets stronger though.

We go to the doctors tomorrow for her 6 month visit and for more shots, booooo :( I would totally take them for her if I could! Based on my arm strength and her feet popping out of all her onesies, I'd say this girl has grown a ton!

The usual stats (because I know someday I'll want to look back at this)...
Clothes: Rocking some 3 month stuff but mostly 3-6 month. 6 month clothes are still too big.
my silly girl
Food: She LOVES sweet potatoes and is still eating a mix of all her other first foods and organic oatmeal. Still doing all organic and loving it. We added in 'lunch' because she was taking so many bottles and always seemed hungry. It seems to be helping. We're hoping to add in the 2nd foods soon but need to check the age you can do that again (prego brain. oh wait, when does that stop?!).
big girl stroller!
Sleeping: She had been doing great earlier this week not waking at night but getting up between 4:30-5am which I can totally live with. But the last few days she's been up at 3 ready to play! Then will go back to sleep til 6ish. We had to get a new swaddle because it has been so hot upstairs (never.buying.a.house.with.stairs. EVER). Well she's been busting out of this swaddle then wakes herself up. Oi! Oh, and last week she was doing this thing where she was waking up every 10 minutes from 8-11pm. Rough! Whoever coined the phrase 'sleep like a baby' didn't have kids!
Her straight-jacket swaddle
Playing: Like I said, rolling everywhere like a boss, chatting up a storm, blowing bubbles, doing raspberries and following Jack everywhere! If I had to name her favorite 'toy' it'd be Jack! She loves her little furry brother! And loves to try and grab him, eek! Gonna have to watch that cuz this girl has a kungfu grip! She also loves playing on her play mat, in her Baby Einstein chair and taking strolls in her stroller. She's still loving the outdoors, especially with all this great weather we've been having.
there was food everywhere because she kept looking over to see Jack
This past weekend, my mom went with us to Santa Fe so I could deliver a cake I made (you can check it out here, soon). We walked around the plaza for a bit and put her in the 'big girl' part of her stroller without the car seat. She LOVED every minute of it! So much so that she passed out the entire time we were there! And this girl is quite the attention getter, even fast asleep, people can never get over all her gorgeous locks. Then we took her to this organic store and bought her some all natural alphabet wood blocks and the cutest little organic doll which I named Emilia.


Cannot wait to see what else this little girl has in store for us! We're just loving every sleepless second we have with her! Since we've officially hit the 6 month mark, I think it's a perfect time to start planning her first birthday and making a birthday list! Too soon? Not in this house!
Made a stop to see Grandpa Larry

The bigger the hair, the closer to Jeses. Amen!

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