Road Trippin'

We're taking our first road trip with Autumn in just a few days! I am SUPER excited! Especially because we have not left the state in over a year!!! That is just absurd! Maybe not absurd to most, but to us it is because we were taking a trip every month or two either to Denver, Phoenix or Vegas pre-baby. Ahhhh, life with a baby :)

We're heading to Colorado where Ernest will drop off Autumn and I (it's not as bad as it sounds) to Colorado Springs and he'll head up with a co-worker to Denver for a work conference. We'll be staying with my Aunt Joyce, Uncle Ty and Racquel, oh and my fluffy cousin Sasha. We are crashing their wedding anniversary (sorry!) on Saturday but it'll be nice to visit with them since they have only been able to meet Autumn twice! Sunday we're heading up to the mountains for my Uncle's Big Mountain Adventure Race. He is seriously probably the most in shape person I know! This race is no joke! We will be cheering him on from the sidelines- Go Ty! And I'm hoping to squeeze a trip in to IKEA! I haven't been to the new one yet and I am dying to get a new rug, some storage containers and probably a million other things I 'need'.

I love this rug! Even though it matches nothing in our living room. Time to re-decorate!?

Autumn's sock drawer is in need of organization. I need a million and a half of these.
I started creating a list of 'Things we need to take so we don't all have a meltdown' and my list is long. Once you start listing out everything you need in a day for one tiny little baby, it's a lot! Good thing we're taking the truck because girlfriend has a lot of stuff! She takes after Mama's packing, uh-oh. I'm the girl that had to shove stuff into Ernest's bag last year going to Hawaii, because mine was too heavy :/

Needless to say, I'm a bit nervous about traveling away from home for a few days. We are quite content in our little bubble where everything we need is a room away. It's a little nerve-racking to think if we forgot something, how she'll do on a 6 hour drive (with other people besides her parents in the vehicle) and if she'll sleep in a new place. The worries are endless!

I'm just trying to turn off my crazy and remember it'll be fun to get out of town, see family and take Autumn on a new adventure! Picture from our weekend to come!

In other news, Autumn is officially 27 weeks! It seems like she is changing more than ever right now! She is rolling over around the entire house like a boss, sitting up, and 'talking to everyone'. She's also started this new thing where if she gets super excited when she sees Jack, or me *blush*, she YELLS! It is the funniest thing. She flaps her arms around and will just keep yelling again and again. I must record it asap! She has been spending lots of time with Grandma Kathleen and they've been busy shopping, going to lunch and for walks. Autumn absolutely loves being out and about so Colorado will be right up her alley!

Here's how the rest of our (last) week went...
Got to visit with Aunt Renea

Testing out the new jogging stroller. She likes it, aka it puts her to sleep

Visited Aunt Lucy to try making her feel better
It's always tiara day
Some early birthday celebrations with Juliana
Feeding herself...
Flower shopping with Grandma K
The happiest little girl after her nap!

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