29 Weeks and a weekend recap

 We had a busy weekend! And now an even busier week, hence the Wednesday weekend recap, oops! Saturday we went for a run and did some spring cleaning. I typically HATE spring cleaning, but this year I've been all about it. Maybe because last year I was pregnant and the last thing I wanted to do was come within 10 feet of a mop!
Friday night clubbing...Price Clubbing #lame
We also ventured out to dinner on Saturday night (gasp)! We went to Sweet Tomatoes, our fav, and Autumn did so well! She LOVES looking around and taking everything in. This girl is quite the attention grabber with all this hair but she loves every second of it! Definitely her fathers daughter!
Mama, do I have anything on my face?
Sunday we did a charity cancer walk with my mom and the folks from her work early in the morning. It was a beautiful but chilly morning. Autumn wouldn't have known one way or another since she was bundled up and slept the entire 4 miles! I wish someone would push me around in a stroller while I slept!!

Later that day we had breakfast at Ernest's fams house and enjoyed the wind free day outside watching the cows and enjoying the country. Again, Autumn fell fast asleep. The life!
She can sleep anywhere
Then we went to visit my parents for a while and Autumn played with her floor toys. I swear, I don't know if any kid hates being on their stomach as much as Autumn hates it! She rolls over constantly but gets so pissed when she's on her tummy and throws a fit and refuses to turn back over. Not a good start if she's ever going to crawl. I hope she's not the only one!

Autumn has started this new thing where she opens her mouth for kisses. I'm always kissing her face because, lets face it, who can resist those cheeks! So I'll say 'kisses Autumn' and she leans in and opens her mouth! It's SO SO SO cute!!! Now whether or not she actually knows what's going on or is just trying to eat us like she does everything else is another story. I'll pretend she just loves Mama and Daddy so much that she gives kisses. Muah!
It was way too early for this picture

On Monday, Autumn was with Grandma K and she finally got to meet her cousin Peyton! They are almost 3 months apart and looked oh so cute together. Autumn looks like such a big girl...maybe all the hair?! I just fell in love with these two cuties! I hope they grow up being best friends. So cute!