33 Weeks and Memorial Day

Thank heaven for 3 day weekends! We had so much fun the last few days I just didn't want it to end, waaaa! I was off work early Friday and we started our weekend off right with dinner and bed by 8pm! That's right, 8! Folks, the sun wasn't even set. 'We were tired' is an understatement. I finally got in her 32 Week board too.

I couldn't resist the comparison...32 Weeks pregnant vs....

The rest of the weekend was busy with a run, a Memorial Day fest, errands, lots of lounging, a pool fail and ended with a BBQ.

There was this giant fest of all types of government services from firefighters to Swat teams. It was cool because they had a ton of their service vehicles, helicopters, etc. We had a good time walking around and talking to the different people and giving our thanks for their service. As always, Autumn and her wild hair were quite the hit. It's kind of crazy how much attention this little girl generates everywhere we go.

Laziest baby ever? Quite possibly. Instead of holding her bottle she laid it on the table.
I was SO excited to use the little pool I bought her. I got everything ready and we headed outside. One foot in the water and she was already screaming. It wasn't the warmest water but wasn't that bad. She hated it. I was sad. Oh well, we'll give it another try soon. We improvised and pulled up a chair next to the pool and shared a popsicle. I know, she should not be having popsicles but if you are eating something around her, she practically leaps into your mouth to get some. Watching her eat it was the cutest thing! She'd make a face then lick it and kept wanting more. Luckily they are healthy popsicles from Costco so I didn't mind sharing. We shared our popsicle just long enough to finish it before we were chased out by a pesky bee. I hate bee's! It was a short lived pool experience.

Yup, that's a waterless pool.
Practicing her swimsuit modeling

I have been wanting to print out the thousands (literally!) of pictures I have of Autumn since she was born. They are all just living on my computer and phone and not a single one has been printed out by me. I FINALLY  got around to just sorting through the pictures to eliminate the 10 blurry pics I take to get one good one. I found some photo albums at Costco for a great price and they came with 100 free prints! I'm only through St. Patricks day and have about 700 pictures to print! Every.single.one. is my favorite and I just can't NOT print them all. I may need a second job to pay for the printing of all these and a small library to store all the albums! HA! It'll so be worth it when I'm done!

I am such a sap...as I was browsing through all the pics I was crying like a baby looking at my baby turn into a big girl. How can it be that just 8 short months ago she was just a wee little peanut and now she has pigtails?! I miss those early days and long nights. They were the very hardest days of my life but also the most rewarding. It's so bittersweet to remember her being so tiny but then experiencing all the exciting stuff she is doing and that is yet to come. We may need another baby soon so I can stop my yearning for a teeny baby. Hello baby #2 fever?! We have been talking about it and we're both kind of wanting another, someday. But on the other hand, I want to give Autumn all our attention for a while longer. I guess we'll leave it up to the big man upstairs to decide when/if we're blessed with another...

In the meantime, I will soak up every second with this little ham! And now for some picture overload...
She wants to crawl so badly!
She LOVES her riding buddy!

Someone told me that Autumn has a happy soul...I could not agree more! Such a happy baby.

Autumn was busy, busy, busy yesterday and would not stay still for me to take a pic. She was leaning forward, squealing and then discovered there was a chalkboard behind her. A chalkboard with fun chalk that could be smeared all over. She kept running her fingers all over the chalkboard then laughing, LOL. Finally I got her to sit up, look at me and smile by putting my hair into a high pony and fake sneezing for her! I'm soooo in love with this little girl, she just makes my heart explode!
33 Week baby girl!
Last, but certainly not least, we were so thankful yesterday (and everyday) for our service men and women. We have a lot of family who have served, past and present, and have seen first hand the sacrifices they give to preserve our freedom. Freedom is never free. Many thanks to those who serve!

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