Diaper Bag Survival

Since we are venturing out a lot more with Autumn (finally), we have to be way more organized with the diaper bag and make sure we have all our must haves in check. There's nothing worse than being in a restaurant with a screaming baby and you realize you forgot ____.

I LOVE my Lululemon 'diaper bag' which I got for Mothers Day! It fits everything we need just perfectly and I've also been using it as an everyday bag since its so cute.

We absolutely do not leave the house without:
 Patemm Diaper Changer: This was a gift from a friend (thanks Tara!) and what a lifesaver it's been! We take this thing everywhere! It's super convenient because you can stuff the pockets full of diapers and wipes then fold it up and your good to go. It's also saved many a bedspreads, couches, floors from inevitable messes. It's also a great protector to the littles bum from less than clean changing tables. The material is cleanable too. A staple anywhere we go!

Happy Puffs: Autumn LOVES these things! She gets super excited whenever she has a pile of them in front of her. Half usually end up in her hair, stuck to her face, trapped in her slobbery hands or glued to her chubby little thighs. But the one out of ten she does get into her mouth make her so happy! They've really helped her hand-eye coordination too.

Face and Hand Wipes: which should really be called 'Face, hand, gross table, gross highchair, OMG did you just drop that on the floor wipes'. These things are a life saver and we seriously go through a pack a week.

Sophie the Giraffe: The squeaker on this can stop the fussiest baby in her tracks. A few squeaks and she's forgotten she's pissed off because Dad accidentally let her bonk her head on the table. Sophie goes with us everywhere!

Organic Bibs: Why organic? Because the fabric feels like heaven so when the babe decides to wipe her sweet potatoes all over her pretty little face, it'll be like a mini facial. Bibs are absolutely necessary for us and they might as well look cute and function well.

Beaba Spoons: I usually have a few of these floating in my bag (even when I don't have the baby) because they're so handy. I love these spoons because they have an adult sized handle instead of those puny ones that make you feel like a giant holding a spoon. Autumn loves them too and the design and colors are great.

Beaba stackable containers: these are perfect for stashing her HappyPuffs, formula and some almonds for the momma. They're a perfect size and can easily be thrown into the bag.

The Honest Company Hand Sanitizer: If you ever leave the house with a baby, you will realize just how gross things can get (dirty diapers, door handles, changing tables, etc). I hate the smell of regular hand sani so this one is great. Smells good, works and doesn't have all the chemicals of the regular stuff.

Sunscreen: This little girl is part porcelain doll so when we decide to take an impromptu trip to the park, having sunscreen on hand is tre importante. Right now we have this Aveeno Baby Sunscreen
and it works well. However, I've been eying The Honest Companies Sunscreen because zinc oxide is the only active ingredient! Aka, it's super safe for the babe.

Chair Cover: Ok, so this doesn't exactly fit into the diaper bag but I usually have it in the car ready to go. I love knowing Autumn is protected from the last kids drool covered hands with this bad boy. I may look like a fool trying to get it onto the cart just right but it's well worth the hassle.

Now, you can't forget the momma...I never leave the house without some lip gloss. This is my absolute fave Lip Gloss! It has great color, a super soft applicator and keeps my lips moist for a while. My hair may be a hot mess, my yoga pants from three days ago may have baby food all over them but my lips look fab! HA!

These are our absolute must haves to any outing, not to mention all the usual stuff like diapers, bottles, cell phone, camera, your sanity. But seriously, we'd be lost without these things! How did our mothers do it so many years ago?!

We do own a brush for her. Seriously.

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