Happy Mother's Day!

I woke up this Mother's Day with an abundance of emotions. Happy, grateful, thankful, loved, sadness and joy. Happy, grateful and thankful for my wonderful Mother and my amazing little blessing Autumn. I feel so loved by my little family of three and all our other family who support me everyday. Sad for my dear friend who is spending this Mother's Day as her first without her mom. But also joy for friends who are just embarking on the greatest journey of their life as they become mothers.

We had a lovely day which started out by 'sleeping in' until 7 and being greeted by breakfast in bed of waffles (cooked in the oven, lol), whip cream, fresh fruit and my fav, mimosas! All accompanied by beautiful flowers and a lovely card. Oh I also got a Lululemon bag I'd been eyeing (ok, I picked it out last weekend!). Our morning was SO perfect in every way!

We spent the rest of our day at a BBQ at Ernest's grandparents house with both our families. It was so beautiful and a perfect country day, good food and amazing family. They all loved their homemade gifts from Autumn!


My mom loved her gift basket! I ended up getting a few things I hadn't planned but overall was awesome!
More about the contents of this gift basket here
We came home and attempted to take a family nap that ended up lasting maybe 5 minutes because someone wanted to play. She had dinner and I did her nightly routine and Daddy is putting her to bed. I'm enjoying the rest of the evening relaxing with some more mimosas and nothing else. What a wonderful day!

I am beyond blessed to have such an amazing family! My life feels whole with this beautiful little lady and my wonderful man!

To all the new mommas, seasoned mommas, soon to be mommas, Moms who have lost, Childless mothers and all the other Moms in between...may your day be filled with an abundance of love!

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