Mother's Day Gift Ideas- Mom, don't read :)

I have a million and one gift ideas for my Mom this year for Mother's Day so I decided to compile them all into one spot. Usually I'll do one big gift but this year I'd like to switch it up a bit and compile a collection of little things into one big gift.

I LOVE receiving gifts that are a bunch of small but very personal things that are part of a larger gift, it's the gift that keeps on giving! Which is exactly what I plan on doing for my Mom.

My Mom has some serious fashion sense! She dresses way better than I do, especially now. So I thought why not throw some of the seasons hottest trends into the mix?! I also got the idea from Pinterest and The Good Life blog to do a gift that's color coordinated to give it a little more cohesion instead of a bunch of randomness. I'm obsessed with the whole green and mint around now so I thought it'd be a perfect 'theme' for her gift!

1. This green J. Crew belt is adorable! It can be dressed up or down any day of the week.

2. Essie 'First Timer' nail polish. You can never go wrong with Essie.

3. Chai Decaf Tea. Me and my Mamas fav! Add a little soy milk and a cute straw, presto!

4. Mason Jar. You need a cute cup to go with that latte. These mason jars are the best! They have a built in hole and straw so you don't spill. Adult sippy cup?! Yes please!

5. Starbucks Straws. There is something about those green straws...I swear they makes drinks taste better. These are a hard plastic so they're permanent straws too.

6. The best popcorn in the world! This stuff is legit! I have to force myself to not eat the entire bowl! And since u can dye it any color, mint would be perfect!

7. Philosophy Margarita Body Wash. The color is great and this stuff smells amazing! Margaritas without the calories! Just try stopping yourself from drinking it!

8. Iphone Case. This cute cover has a vacation feel. Adorable!

9. Starbucks Gift Card. Enough said.

10. Chalkboard Print Framed. Jessica at Little Baby Garvin is super talented and created this super cute print!

11. Justin Timberlake. Who can resist the JT?!

12. Ben and Jerries Pistachio Ice Cream. Ok, so this won't exactly do well in a gift basket, but it tastes amazing and would be a nice treat to share with mom. Another one of our favs!

Lastly, contain it all in these adorable wire baskets which can be re-used later.

We also have a special gift for all the Mom's and Grandma's in our life that'll be from Autumn. But it's a secret until next weekend since I know some of them look at the blog :)


  1. Such a great gift and LOVING the mint! Happy Mother's Day to you!

    1. Thanks Rachel!! I am totally loving the mint too! I may have secretly bought double of everything in the basket! :/ lol