5 on Friday

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{one} This summer is sizzling hot! I'm talking, we hit 105 degrees yesterday and broke all kinds of records for the city. Holy hell that's hot! We have been doing everything inside because it's just too damn hot. Autumn's little pool blew away and got holes in it, noooooo! I tried fixing it with duct tape because really, what doesn't duct tape fix?! Well, not this time. So we need a new one stat. I'm going to order her this one that is a little bigger and which we can get in too. The only way to deal with this heat is in the pool!
Note: Need to pull out my Baywatch swimsuit, stat! HA!
Someday, we will have this pool...
{two} Is anyone watching Mistresses? Me either (wink,wink). Well if I did watch it, right after Bachelorette (which I must add, Des is not my favorite Bachelorette) of course, I might be hooked. I've always liked Alissa Milano and she's really good in this show. I like all the story lines and it's definitely got us (yes, I 'make' Ernest watch it with me) hooked. I don't, however, care for the name 'Mistresses'. To me, that says a fluezy woman who is having an affair with a married man who buys her ridiculous lingerie. The show really should just be called 'Cheaters'. Maybe the storyline will change in the future. My prediction is the sister hooks up with Savy's husband! Drama!

{three} I think I've misplaced my handbook on how to transition from newborn to infant/toddler!!! They teach you everything about how to have a newborn, which honestly, isn't that hard. But now, we have a wiggly, curious, mobile baby and it's a whole new ball game! Especially once it comes to bath time. She is way too grown up for her usual bath recliner seat thing, so I've just been putting her in the tub with a towel underneath (ghetto) so she doesn't slip around. Well, with her new found crawling, she wants to crawl in the tub! It's like wrangling an alligator (if I knew what it was like to wrangle an alligator). She's slippery, wet and all over the place but luckily doesn't bite me. I inevitably get soaked in this process. I don't know if we just need a new bath or a wet suit??? Suggestions on tubs, tips, etc. are more than welcome!
{four} We are still on the hunt for a house! Still. I swear we should just become realtors because we've looked at every.single.house on the market! We just put in an offer on a house but they didn't accept our offer. Boo. I am getting really frustrated, irritated and impatient with this process. But I saw this quote the other day and it very much applies. Truth.
{five} Costco may very well be our favorite store. We go way more than we probably need to. But who can resist the great prices, products and free samples?! Not us. Autumn loves looking around and 'chatting' with everyone!

Happy Weekend!!


How not to end the weekend

We had a great Sunday of celebrating Gigi's (Autumn's Great-Grandma who gave herself this name, lol) birthday. We had lunch then watched Autumn crawl all around their living room. I wanted to see if we could find the antique wooden high chair so we went to the antique shop. Unfortunately it had already sold. NOOOO! Oh well, the search continues.
We got home and did some much needed cleaning. My portion was done and Autumn and I were going to go for a walk. Ernest was trying to fix one leaf of our glass shower door that had been stuck for weeks. It fell off the track and he was trying to get it back on then all of a sudden CRASH!

The.entire.glass.shower.door.shattered. Ernest was just frozen in his tracks as were Autumn and I. There was a huge plume of white dust so once the shock wore off I ran Autumn out of the room and put her in the walker (where she immediately started screaming) and ran back to help Ernest. I had to chase Jack out of the room too and was running around trying to get brooms and dust pans. Ernest just stopped in his tracks again and said 'Oh shit!'. He had blood dripping down his hands and arms (how he didn't notice this before is beyond me)! The glass had broken all over him and cut him in a million different places. It was awful. Luckily it was tempered glass and broke into millions of pieces rather than huge shards of glass.We were stuck in the bathroom not wanting to track little pieces of glass throughout the house. Ernest, like a crazy person, helped me clean up all the glass before he cleaned himself up. It took us what felt like forever to clean up. Meanwhile, our little person was going absolutely crazy downstairs. Like we had just left her on the fire station steps. Poor babe. But there was nothing to be done aside from cleaning up the glass. I was freaking out from all the blood (that he was seriously hurt) but we continued to get it all cleaned up. Ernest had the brilliant idea to vacuum his arms and hands to get out all the glass. I know, stupid idea but it worked.

Finally he cleaned himself up and luckily it wasn't as bad as it looked. He definitely has a million little cuts everywhere but nothing too deep or too severe. We mopped the floor then cleaned it by hand. We're still finding pieces of glass. That bathroom will definitely not be used for a while until we get it cleaned up more (which may take forever), replace the glass door and buy all new rugs! I had just bought new bathroom rugs but we had to throw them all out because there was glass all over them. It would have been impossible to get all the glass out. Sad :( Guess I'm going shopping though!
I'm loving this Crate and Barrel bathroom!
So that was our very exciting Sunday night. When I was finally able to get Autumn, she was so upset and exhausted from crying. I felt so bad but there was no way we could have her up there with all that glass, Ernest couldn't get her with all the cuts and I had to clean up. It was a bad situation all around but we're so thankful it was tempered glass! Now the search for a new door and some new bathroom linens is on!

The rest of the weekend was much less eventful. Thankfully! Friday, Autumn and I went feather headband shopping at Hobby Lobby. I've seem some seriously adorable feather headbands on Etsy but just couldn't justify spending the $45 on them. So instead, I decided to try making some myself. The feather selection was slim pickings but we made due with what they had.
Since she was already asleep when I finished them, I had to try them out myself. I totally want one! I wonder if I could pull it off, hmm....
Saturday was mostly running around, browsing new cars and errands. I bought my car almost 5 years ago. Pre-baby, pre even thoughts of ever having a baby. So of course it's a two-door, small car. Well now 5 years later and one 8 month old baby, the car is NOT cutting it. It's like wrestling an alligator just to put her car seat in the back. It's only going to get worse once we transition to a larger car seat. Not to mention I'll be hugging my steering wheel since my seat will have to be all the way forward for it to fit. I cannot go grocery shopping, or any kind of shopping if I have the stroller because it takes up the entire trunk. I like my car but it's time to upgrade to a mommy van! Just kidding. Please, someone slap me if I ever buy a mini-van. I'm thinking more along the lines of a small SUV or a four-door car of some sort. Ernest's choices: Cadillac, BMW or a Jeep with a Hemi. Wake-up Peter Pan, not gonna happen!
Here's a secret about me, I'm cheap. My car is paid off in two months and I do NOT want a payment, or if I do at least just a small one. I'm good with something used, a Honda CR-V or even the four-door version of the Civic. Would I love a Mercedes SUV? Sure. But I don't want a Mercedes payment. Enough said. So the search continues. Hopefully we'll have a new car in the next few months because we are quickly out-growing mine!
Happy Tuesday!
Her new favorite thing is sharing pears with me!


5 on Friday

Can I just get an AMEN for Friday?! This week flew by, but what a week it was. Didn't I just write a 5 of Friday?! Anyways, here goes...

1. DIY Beach Hair Spray. I've been trying to get my hair to grow, it is slowly, but its also been very dry from dying it ombré and straightening it too much. I'm going to try to lay off the straightening to give my hair a break and hopefully grow it out more. My hair has always been wavy but after having Autumn, it's straight up curly but not cute curls, weird, frizzy, I just stuck my finger in a socket curls. It's bad. I've been browsing some DIY Beach sprays and did my own take on it. It works great!!  You spray a generous amount in your wet hair, comb it through to get it evenly distributed, then tousle your hair and scrunch it with your hands. It's just the right amount of frizz fighting goodness and it smells like summer in a bottle!Win!

2. My mom and I are planning a red/white/blue bash for my Dad's birthday. There are a TON of ideas for red, white and blue themed parties, food and decorations! Some of my favs...

3. Everyone (and their mom) is pregnant right now! No joke, I know at least 12 people who are pregnant right now and due within the November December mark. Hmmm, what's 9 months before that?! Haha. It is giving me MAJOR baby fever!! We definitely want more kids, but if I'm being realistic, it's not the best timing. I'd like to be back where I want physically, I'd love to be a stay at home mom first and just want to enjoy Autumn as an only child for a while longer. Hopefully someday we'll be blessed with another one four! Haha
I LOVED being pregnant! Hopefully I will be again...soon???
4. Does anyone's kid hate the high chair more than ours?! She does good if she has Happy Puffs and a toy, but as soon as its time to eat, she puckers her lips and refuses to eat. Unless of course we take her out. I don't get it?! I want her to eat but I feel like this may be setting us up for bad habits down the road.

5. Since I'm a total baking nerd, I was super excited to find Sally's Baking Addiction. She has a ton of delicious recipes that will leave you licking your computer screen. I'm dying over these Salted Caramel Chocolate Chip Cookies! I think I have a weekend recipe to try. Warning: you may gain 15 pounds just reading her blog!


36 Weeks and CRAWLING!

OMG, what?! That's right, this little lady is crawling! I'm late to post (again) because of the internet at home, but she actually started to take her first few crawls! I tried capturing it on video as she was trying to get her sound machine but had a major technical fail on my end. But last night, she was going after this ball thing and then wanted my flip flop so I kept scooting it back and she kept crawling towards it. It was SOOOO cute! She definitely has some smoothing out of the crawling motions because she kept slapping her hands down so hard then would kind of wiggle her backside and slide it a little forward, then move each leg individually. Oh my, it's so adorable!

I think we know what's on our weekend agenda...baby proofing!!! Luckily we have a few days before she's full on cruising but it won't be too long before she's all over. Which also means I need to sweep/mop almost everyday to keep our floors spic and span for Autumn. We are entering a whole new world!
laundry basket rides
In other news this week, Autumn did some swimsuit modeling. Baby bikini's are just to die for! Baby rolls and belly for days.
I also got some chalkboard shots for 36 Weeks. I predict it's going to get increasingly harder to snap pics of her with the chalkboard. 1. she is too busy and wants to just get away and 2. she loves to smear the chalkboard with the pudgy little fingers.

Autumn has also been SO interested in eyelashes! She'll scope them out, stick her tongue out, then tries to grab them and usually succeeds! She has really good eye-hand coordination for grabbing small stuff (we thank you Happy Puffs). Or she tries grabbing your teeth and/or sticking her entire hand in your mouth, if you let her. Possible dentist in her future?! She's a silly girl!
This one is just too cute not to include. After work is my favorite time with her!
We're looking forward to a baseball game this weekend and some birthday celebrations for Gigi!


Happy Baby Daddy Day and a weekend recap.

I don't know why, but I love saying 'baby daddy'?! LOL. But seriously, we had a great Father's Day!! I'm a little slow to posting because our internet decided to take a crap dive on Friday. I spent an eternity on the phone with Comcast, went to get a new modem Saturday and the line was ridiculous! People were camping out on the floor! After another hour long chat session with them yesterday, our new modem should be here in a few days. Comcast is seriously horrible to deal with #cantstandthem. In the meantime, I have to sneak in a few minutes here and there at work to post anything. Anyways...
She was making some weird noise here.
Saturday Ernest took my car to have his Dad fix it. It's almost paid off so naturally I would need new rotors  and a new filter. But now it's in tip-top shape! Since he had my car, I had to drive his gargantuan truck to do some errands. One of which was dropping off Jack at the groomers. It was by far my worst idea yet. I'm climbing in the giant truck (which I practically need a step stool to get into to), I have to grab Autumn out of her car seat. Jack is going ape shit by this point because he knows where we are. I pull him out of his kennel with one hand and he almost tumbles out of the truck and escapes. I'm trying to climb down from the truck with a baby on one arm and a frantic dog in the other hand. Did I mention it was 90 degrees by this point? I was sweating my ass off by the time I even got into the place and then Jack really started going wild. The girl handed me a clipboard of stuff to fill out and I just gave her this look like 'really?!'. Poor girl. I asked her to take Jack and then I was finally able to finish everything else. It was a complete shit show. I needed a nap after that.
Fresh from the groomers. Well worth the hassle!
Instead of a nap, we went antiquing for a wooden high chair. We saw a lot of great things but not a single high chair. My MIL found one and it was a little rickety but I think I may need to snap it up before I can't find one at all! Then we went to this Asian fusion restaurant. Autumn was tired when we got there and just got progressively more cranky. She did learn how to drink out of a straw though! Such a big girl! She also ate some rice! I ate...nothing. She was soooo wiggly and only wanted me to hold her. Oh well. There was a really cute children's store by this restaurant with THE cutest stuff! I could have bought everything but resisted and only bought her a blankie. These Aden and Anais muslin blankets are the best! This pattern we got was super cute and these are thin and breathable so she can stuff it over her face (she loves doing this) and still be able to breath.

On Baby Daddy Day, our first gift to Ernest was, letting him sleep in. Which worked out perfectly because Autumn and I got up bright and early and headed to my parents house. There we had breakfast, my parents visited with Autumn and then my grandparents came by too. It had been a few months since they'd last seen Autumn! How time flies.
Happy Fathers Day Dad and Grandpa!
No baby, I don't want a side of foot with my eggs
She thought banging on the window and playing peek-a-boo with Grandma was hilarious!
We picked up Ernest at home where he dove right into his donut tower (he LOVED IT!). Then we headed to a BBQ at his grandparents house.
Photobombed by Autumn!
He LOVED his FoxGram pictures!
Before we headed in, I snapped these lovely pictures of my two favorites. She was not quite as excited to take pictures because we woke her up from her nap, poor boo. We had a good time as usual filling our tummy's with awesome food and then sprawling out on the grass to take a million pictures of Autumn.
Before we went home, we went to the store to get Ernest a new phone case for his new phone. Sometimes we get each other the lamest gifts, but that's what he wanted. I guess it was better than a car jack! Haha!
I had bought everything to make a hot dog bar but we were both so stuffed from lunch that we veto'd it and went to bed early instead. Another day. We had such a great day and I think Ernest had a great Fathers Day too. I thank my lucky stars every day that he is in our lives. He is our rock, our source of endless giggles, my sanity, Autumn's silly monster, our happy place and our everything! We love you Ernest!