35 Weeks

The time just flew this last week! I didn't get as many pictures as I normally would either, boo. Since I was SO busy with this photoshoot but now it's done and it's all about Miss Autumn again!
Her teeth have finally stopped bugging her as much. She's still a little on the cranky side when she wakes up, but she may just take after her dad on that one :P You still can't fully see her teeth but they're definitely poking out more and more each day. Soooo cute!
There is still a lot of lingering drool...
Friday, her Auntie Allison and cousin Victoria were watching her. They setup the pool and let the water warm up and guess what? Autumn LOVED it! They took so many videos and pictures of her splashing about. She went swimming again yesterday evening and she didn't want to get out. After I got stung by a bee (ouch!) I was ready to go in. Bee aside, it was nice sitting with her while playing though. We've had sweltering heat that's put us in triple digits so any way to cool off is a plus!
Autumn had a lot of Daddy time on Saturday and Sunday. Luckily, I was able to get some time in with her and my mom. First we slept in, lounged in bed and took some silly pictures of her wild hair. We went to lunch then did a little antique shopping. I've been searching for an old wooden high chair for her. I plan on re-doing it to a bright color to use for her one year photos and birthday. It'll be the perfect smash cake chair! I found one, but it was a little too wobbly for me. That and Ernest may freak out if I put something else into our already over-crowded garage. We can barely walk through it, lol. I may need to wait a little longer to get the chair.

We tamed her wild hair with some cute pigtails
After that, we went to the aquarium. Of course when we got there Autumn was fast asleep! We were walking in and decided it'd be pointless to take her while she's sleeping. Just as I checked to see if she was still sleeping those big brown eyes were staring straight at me! lol. We turned around and headed in and it was WELL worth it! Going in, I thought maybe she'd kind of like it but may be too young still. Since she didn't have her long nap, I thought hopefully she wouldn't have a meltdown and we'd all come out alive. She far exceeded my expectations! She LOVED, LOVED, LOVED it! She could not stop screaming she was so excited! Could she be any cuter?! Autumn's favorite exhibit was the sting ray tank. They kept coming up to the window and she'd try to touch them. I love that she has no fear and kept leaping out of my arms to get closer. We also went to the petting tank and she got to touch the conch. I just tried keeping her little fingers from death gripping any of the animals!

The last area is a giant room where all the large fish, sharks and turtles are. There was some sort of summer camp group there, aka a shit load of little kids. Autumn loved the really big fish and kept screaming at them, but she was WAY more entertained by the little kids! And the workers who kept trying to get her attention. Haha.

We also went to the Botanical Gardens but could only handle the heat for a few minutes. Autumn's solution was putting her feet up with her bottle in hand. So funny!
All in all, we had an awesome day!!! She was pooped by the time we went home and slept well into her bedtime.

Now we're looking forward to Father's Day!!

BTW- I am having some major issues with Blogger today! Everytime I try formatting it reverts and puts huge gaps between my pictures. Annoying!


  1. So great to run into you yesterday and so nice to finally meet your sweet girl! Autumn is absolutely precious! I have that problem with Blogger quite often and I have no idea how to fix it...

    1. Ahhh I know, so glad we ran into you guys! Declan's dancing was beyond adorable! He's such a little man now!