36 Weeks and CRAWLING!

OMG, what?! That's right, this little lady is crawling! I'm late to post (again) because of the internet at home, but she actually started to take her first few crawls! I tried capturing it on video as she was trying to get her sound machine but had a major technical fail on my end. But last night, she was going after this ball thing and then wanted my flip flop so I kept scooting it back and she kept crawling towards it. It was SOOOO cute! She definitely has some smoothing out of the crawling motions because she kept slapping her hands down so hard then would kind of wiggle her backside and slide it a little forward, then move each leg individually. Oh my, it's so adorable!

I think we know what's on our weekend agenda...baby proofing!!! Luckily we have a few days before she's full on cruising but it won't be too long before she's all over. Which also means I need to sweep/mop almost everyday to keep our floors spic and span for Autumn. We are entering a whole new world!
laundry basket rides
In other news this week, Autumn did some swimsuit modeling. Baby bikini's are just to die for! Baby rolls and belly for days.
I also got some chalkboard shots for 36 Weeks. I predict it's going to get increasingly harder to snap pics of her with the chalkboard. 1. she is too busy and wants to just get away and 2. she loves to smear the chalkboard with the pudgy little fingers.

Autumn has also been SO interested in eyelashes! She'll scope them out, stick her tongue out, then tries to grab them and usually succeeds! She has really good eye-hand coordination for grabbing small stuff (we thank you Happy Puffs). Or she tries grabbing your teeth and/or sticking her entire hand in your mouth, if you let her. Possible dentist in her future?! She's a silly girl!
This one is just too cute not to include. After work is my favorite time with her!
We're looking forward to a baseball game this weekend and some birthday celebrations for Gigi!

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