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Woah...where did this week go?! It feels like I was just writing this same post a couple days a go.
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{Uno} This week has been all about counting down the days to the 'Big Day'. No, not my own wedding but a mock wedding photo shoot I'm putting on for my cake business jem cakes. It's going to be legit wedding status though! I've been dress fitting with the models, picking out outfits for the engagement shoot, chalkboard drawing, tassel making and of course, baking. Sunday is the day. I can hardly wait!! Here's some ideas we have brewing on Pinterest.
An idea for our engagement shoot
{dos}  Planning a fake wedding is a lot of work, it's stressful and makes the idea of my fiance and I jetting off to Vegas instead of having a big wedding that much more appealing! Which brings me to Vegas...the city of sin fun. I can hardly wait until we're there in 3-1/2 months for my 30th 22nd birthday! We did this trip a few months before I got pregnant and it was a blast. We'll spend a week hitting up the lakes around Vegas and Laughln, take our boat and soak up the sun. It's the perfect vacay...boating by day, Vegas by night! So this year may be slightly different with Autumn, maybe a hotel by Lake Mead instead of Vegas but we're so excited to take her out there! And who knows, maybe wedding bells will be ringing for us too!
{tres} Are the spanish numbers annoying you?! Ya me too, but I already committed at uno. HA! Anyways, in addition to running a whole wedding shoot on Sunday, we (me and the girls I'm teaming up with) are having our portraits taken too for business stuff. I really wanted to be comfortable since there will a lot of moving around, bending down, fixing models, etc. My mom veto'd my yoga pants and flip flops so instead I'm going with a maxi dress. I found this one at Gap and love it, especially with the chambray shirt over!
{quatro} Spanish classes paid off, I remembered 4! In all this wedding madness, I almost forgot Fathers Day is just around the corner! (Hint: it's June 16th!). Ernest's gift is pretty easy, he wants a jack, jack stands and a creeper. I know, lame. So to make the day special for him I've been browsing Pinterest for some recipe's he'd like. We'll start breakfast off with these red velvet pancakes with cream cheese glaze. Mmmmm. Once we've come out of sugar shock, we'll have these Hawaiian BBQ Quesadillas. I must be hungry because I want to lick my computer screen right now.
We'll probably hit up the zoo to work off all the glorious calories we're consuming. I also can't forget my Daddy-o. I've been eyeing Jessica's (of Little Baby Garvin) hammock farm and thought that'd make the perfect gift. He is one hard working dad, so what better way to relax than with a hammock?

{cinco} Have you heard of the cronut craze?!? I hadn't either, until just a few minutes ago when I was browsing Instagram and saw that today is National Donut Day. People are celebrating by spending hours in line for cronuts at an NYC bakery in SoHo to grab one of only 200 cronuts made a day. People are even 'flipping' these donuts for 3x their price! A cronut is a cross between a donut and a croissant. Pilsbury has jumped on this bandwagon and has made a recipe from their croissants. Can't wait to try one!
 Happy Weekend Everyone!

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