5 on Friday

This 5 on Friday is a bit more mellow and serious than others...I like to keep this blog upbeat and share the positives of this journey with Autumn. But I also like to keep this blog as real as possible and unfortunately this is our reality right now...

1. Going back to work after having Autumn was one of the hardest things I had to do. Luckily, we have amazing families that continue to help us everyday. One of which was Ernest's Aunt Lucy. He grew up with her and Uncle Robert since they were neighbors to his parents house. When Aunt Lucy offered to watch Autumn a couple days a week we were over the moon. They are the sweetest people and absolutely adore Autumn. A few months in, Aunt Lucy wasn't feeling well and was told it was arthritis in her back. Still, she refused to stop watching Autumn. The pain progressed and we found out it was cancer of her kidney. A very large tumor, to be exact. She had to stop watching Autumn immediately and she was at numerous doctors appointments. Long story short, she started treatment and just finished her last round of chemo about a week ago. Tuesday she was taken in because of extreme pain. They re-scanned her for the cancer and much to our dismay, it spread to her entire body. Aunt Lucy was put into hospice yesterday morning. Autumn and I paid her a visit in the hospital and she was SO incredibly happy to see Autumn! It was priceless! We are so blessed to have Aunt Lucy in our lives and especially Autumns. We hope whatever remaining time she has is filled with an abundance of love and prayers.
2. Have you seen the crazy wild fires in Colorado Springs?! CSprings holds a special place in my heart and has almost become a home away from home for us. My Aunt Joyce, Uncle Ty and Racquel live in north Springs where we visit often. They are very close to the fire. Luckily, they have not been evacuated and the winds are blowing away from them now. Springs is such a beautiful place and we're always doing hiking, running and pretty much every activity outdoors. To see such a wonderful place going up in flames and so many people losing their homes is just heartbreaking. After the devastating fires last year, this is just another blow the city has to endure. Many prayers to Springs!

3. I think I've had enough sadness for the past couple days. I'm trying to focus on the positive and that would be Father's Day on Sunday. We're letting the Daddy sleep in while we go see my dad and grandpa early in the morning so we can get back to a BBQ by noon. I ordered my dad and Ernest some awesome Instagram pictures (of Autumn, of course!) that will be put on magnets via FoxGram. They are really reasonably priced and shipping was only $0.99! The pictures I picked out are SOOOO cute and I know they will love them! Hopefully they'll be here in time, eek!

4. I have been wanting to try this DIY teeth whitening which I found on Pinterest. I've done two days and I swear my teeth are already whiter! I don't think I'll have any Ross Geller teeth but whiter is better!

5. Now that the wedding photoshoot is over, I can get back to more important things...like Autumns first birthday! Woot woot! I know it's less than four months away which is exactly why I've started her birthday list and party planning. I decided on a color theme...gold, pink and silver. I have some awesome decorations from the wedding including 4 giant balloons and some handmade tassel garland made by yours truly. It seems silly to go with any other colors. On her birthday list we have...a teepee, a Radio Flyer wagon, a swing,and I'm sure there will be a million more things I'll add!

So ready for the weekend!!

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